Let's travel together #47 - Cinciș Lake (Lacul Cinciș)

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Hello guys! 👋

I'm getting back with another trip we are going to take together, but nothing too fancy. It's just a place where we will camp and admire the surroundings, a place where the touristic attraction is right next to our tent, a place where we go to find our peace and enjoy the relaxing vibes, a place called Cinciș Lake. 🗺️

Introduction & What's the story of the Cinciș Lake? 🤠

Cinciș Lake is one of the biggest lakes from Transylvania, Romania and is located in the Rusca Montains at ~10km away from Hunedoara.
The story of this place is a little bit scary, being considered a cursed lake which in the past, swallowed 5 villages and also the cemeteries from that area. There are rumors that some locals died in this lake and their bodies couldn't be found. The reason? The lake is haunted by the dead people from the cemeteries which made the dead bodies of those who drowned there, disappear. 😨

What do I think about these rumors? 🤣

In my opinion this thing got a little bit too far - It's true that I haven't lived there to know if is real or not but those kind of stories attract tourists and the journalists so probably there is a seed of truth but more likely very blossomed with scary stories. If you want to know what I think about this place, you will see that from the pictures I took there. 📸

Where are we camping? 🏕️

The place where we are camping is called Ledo Camping and is located right next to the lake, giving you access to many facilities:

  • You can camp in a tent or a van;
  • You have Wi-Fi connection;
  • You have electricity;
  • There are also cottages for those who prefer a real bed rather than a mattress in a tent/van;
  • The camping base has lamps so there will be light;
  • There are showers and toilets so you don't need to go explore the nature for this reason, lol;
  • There is even a restaurant/shop in the camping base - so if you need food, you have ways to buy some;
  • Fishing and swimming are allowed;
  • You can rent boats to explore the lake.

The conclusion? 🤔

If you need a relaxing place like this one, I totally recommend it. Forget about rumors, every single place have such scary stories created by locals but not the history of the place is what matters, but YOU - to feel cool and relaxed in a place close to the nature and disconnected from daily routines. 💚


At the end of this post I will explain why I started posting from 2 to 2 days. As you may noticed the steem is very low lately and many users are becoming inactive or not really interested in voting/posting anymore. I am not one of them - I will still continue my "Let's travel together" series but if there are not too many people who showed interest in the post, I prefer to leave it one more day so maybe some changes will appear. I'm really working a lot on these posts trying to improve both my articles and the aspect of the post and is better for both me and you, to post once every 2 days until there are at least 20-25 people who interacted with the new place that I'm presenting to you. If the posts are getting back to normal and people are interested in my articles, I will also get back to my normal schedule and post everyday. I'm sorry if I'm disappointing you, this is not my intention! 😢

Hope you liked the place we discovered today and you didn't get too scared by the rumors, but actually became more curious of this place.
Spear a smile! 😄

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I would be scared to stop in an enchanted place :) Although once I had to do it, there was a severe thunderstorm and I was very scared. We found a terrible forest lake and an old foundation from house. I think a witch lived next to this lake in old times ... We had to spend the night in this terrible place and nothing happened to us. But I would not want to go back there :)


I think there are only scary stories. I had no idea of the story of this place. I found about its story when I got home and read about it but there where nothing else but only relaxing and great vibes :)

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Looks like a nice spot to me thanks for sharing hope to see more 💯🐒


Thanks! Stay tuned for more :)

The lake and the camping seems greatt!! it seems a good place for relaxing or doing some sports.
I don't know if you are tired of always Romania - Transilvania the vampire topic... the truth is the history that really scares me it's Erzsébet Báthor ones. I don't know if you know that history but it was real not as transilvania vampires.
"There are showers and toilets so you don't need to go explore the nature for this reason": looking your first image i have some doubts regarding that... :-P
About posting every 2 days i understand it so much, you work really hard in all your post and althought we like know about your travels i understand you have to balance all.
So cheerr up for continue posting, how frequently? you just decide it
Thanks for your work and sharing as always.


Thanks for being always here :) I have big hopes to see good changes so I can get back on posting daily :)

Beautiful place! If I'm ever in Romania I will definitely keep this in mind :) Thanks for the tip


I'm glad you liked it! :D

It looks a nice and well equipped camping I definetely like the sunset picture.


It really is! :)

I totally understand you! <3 don't worry!

Nu am mai fost pe acolo de ani buni..de fapt de cand a inceput sa se construiasca fara cap pe acolo. Faina postare!


Da.. într-adevăr s.au construit foarte multe pensiuni in jurul lacului, dar este in continuare un loc frumos :). Multumesc! :D

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Thanks! 🤗

Nice - reSteem


Thank you so muuuch!! ❤️