See The World #9 - Roadtrip Part 6 (Rupea Citadel)

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Transylvania was, and will always be, one of the most beautiful areas from Romania where the things you can visit are endless. There are lots of opportunities from citadels to waterfalls, from caves to mountains and peaks, from castles to museums, and the list can continue.

Actually one of the most known places from Romania is Bran Castle, which is located in Transylvania and represents the location from where all the stories with vampires and Dracula, starts. But as you might notice already, my work on here is not to bring in front of you all those places which are overpopulated and over visited by thousands of tourists every year, but actually - those which are less known and people forget about them or don't even know they exist.

That's how I decided that my previous post should be about Rupea Citadel as it's not less more impressive and spectacular than any other location from Romania - more or less visited, and it really has some very special and unique stories to be discovered.

To be honest, when I first crossed the gates of the citadel I didn't have too big expectations from it as I'm not a fan of fortresses, they just give me that feeling of loneliness, torture and sad happenings. I was fascinated to see that there are not too many sad stories which happened on there but actually lots of moments when the citadel was home and protected lots of locators.

More than that, I managed to bring something new to my videos as I started collaborating with a friend that helps me take my work to a new level, but also help you see those places I visited from more perspectives. So no more spoilers, just check it out and let me know what your thoughts are. :)

Video recorded with: GoPro HERO 6
Part No. 6 of the 2018 Summer Roadtrip - posted on @dtube
All rights reserved to @gabrielatravels

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That's a really nice video. The drone footage is done really well with nice touches and not too many dizzying soaring shots. I do love historical buildings, but I agree - they can give you the chills with some of the things that went on in those times and places!

I know, right? :D
This collaboration came right in time to promote the places I visit even more! And I can't wait for the next ones :)

It really looks beautiful and steeped in history with those ancient buildings, looks like Dracula would be right at home in that castle! No wonder this inspired the scriptwriter of The Rocky Horror Show ;) Great video @gabrielatravels

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This is not the castle of Dracula, this is a citadel. The castle of Dracula is called Bran Castle :)

Gosh is there really such a castle;) I always thought Transylvania was fictitious not knowing much about that part of the world;) Would love to travel and see it all! Enjoy!

Of course it does! It's the most known and visited place from here. That's why I never thought I should write about it but bring out places which people don't heard of. But whenever I get around that location, will make sure to re-visit it and post about it here :)

Great @gabrielatravels, this old gal from Africa would not have known that if you did not post about it, thank you ;);)

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Africa? Which one do you mean?

South Africa to be specific

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Ok, but what South Africa? I never posted anything from there. The citadel you see into this post is from Romania..

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Oh, the ariels make this far and above anything that I have seen from here!(The castle) Very nice, brilliant editing and I like the way you changed from one picture smoothly to another topic.

I am not familiar with your photography, but, if this is a sample of it, I'm in!!! I will follow you anywhere! This was the most fabulous post!

The music was perfect!


Thank you so much! It's not a castle but a citadel.

If you find interesting my content, keep in mind that I'm posting only about my travels, both articles and videos like this one. Hope to see you more and that you enjoy my posts :)

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This is taken to another level, Gabriela! Congratulations! Bravo!

That's exactly what I tried to! :D
Thank you so much! :)

nice one..lykd it

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Transilvania is really amazing, I was surprised and hugely impressed when I traveled there for the very first time. Thank you so much for sharing your point of view, looking forward for more of your stories!


Thank you and have a great day!


Thank you so much! There are coming out some posts which are hidden gems of Romania :)

Great! I would love to see your perspective of Salina Turda, as it's an extraterrestrial place! 😉😎📸💐

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I just checked it out, thanks so much 👏😉📸

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