RE: See The World #9 - Roadtrip Part 6 (Rupea Citadel)

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See The World #9 - Roadtrip Part 6 (Rupea Citadel)

in dtube •  9 months ago  (edited)

Oh, the ariels make this far and above anything that I have seen from here!(The castle) Very nice, brilliant editing and I like the way you changed from one picture smoothly to another topic.

I am not familiar with your photography, but, if this is a sample of it, I'm in!!! I will follow you anywhere! This was the most fabulous post!

The music was perfect!


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Thank you so much! It's not a castle but a citadel.

If you find interesting my content, keep in mind that I'm posting only about my travels, both articles and videos like this one. Hope to see you more and that you enjoy my posts :)