The Dilapidated City. Dezhnev St.

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Semyon Dezhnev is a Russian traveler, explorer of Siberia and North America, a native of Veliky Ustyug. He was the first navigator who passed the Bering Strait, and did it 80 years before Bering, in 1648. In Veliky Ustyug there is a monument to the explorers on the Cathedral Square, headed by Semyon Ivanovich Dezhnev. Also in honor of it is named one of the main streets, which runs through the entire second part of the city.
On this street, and this post will be, or rather about the dilapidated housing.

There are not many organizations located on Dezhnev street: the fire department, the penal colony, the forestry department, the technical inventory bureau and the regional newspaper (since 2016). Mostly on the street is a one-story private sector, but in the prison area there is a block built up with "improved barracks."

This quarter was heavily flooded during the floods in 2016.

The water was first poured across the road, and then the water level reached the first floor windows of some the houses.

But this happens very rarely and people continue to live and equip their territory.

And the houses are undergoing major repairs.

In fact, such houses are a bit unfairly called barracks, because this is an ordinary apartment building, only made of wood. In some houses there is even running water, central heating and sewage...but not in all.

The living area of ​​a two-room apartment sometimes is more than in a brick house.

Outwardly it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish a real corridor-type barrack, with a common toilet and kitchen, from such house. But I can already do it.

On the right are the water pipes, a gas pipe is running along the wall of the house - yes, here are the real comfortable apartments!

If you see a chimney on the roof of the house, then do not flatter yourself - the stove in the apartment may not be at all! If there is central heating, people are simply disassembled to increase the square meters. These are not all my assumptions, but the facts, because in one of these houses my relatives lived recently.

Well, that's got to the point of my work. Every day from Monday to Friday I sit in one of the offices of this building.

Previously, there was a bank and the management of agriculture. Now the regional newspaper and technical inventory bureau.

Near the old house.

And across the road there is a prison...

What is interesting, to live five meters from the correctional colony?

This house is closest to the "not so distant" place. And it stands below all others on this street, so during the flood the first floor was completely under water. All houses in this quarter are painted with one color and it may seem that the photo is the same house from different angles.

There is also a pair of stone houses on this street.

In general, the usual rural street, but the name of the explorer could be called some more cozy, colorful and ancient street, even if not so long.

Canon 6d, EF 17-35 / 2.8L

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very nice photos thanks