People in Mexico - part 1

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I've been back in Finland for almost two weeks, had a bit of Christmas break and been only Steeming half heartedly, and now I'm getting back to business. I still have a few subjects I wanna get into about my time in Mexico; people and food, which are one of the best and most interesting things about travelling.

I did quite a lot of stalking people photography during my time in Mexico, and it's something I wanna do more of and get better at. I like to look at people going about their day, unaware that they are being documented on film (read: SD card). I think the best pictures of people come from when they are not posing, you get to see people as they really are. I'm way too familiar with the posing aspect in my self portrait work, so having pictures of people in their daily life is a welcome contrast to that.

I'm dividing my people watching pictures into two sets, and for this first one, I'm just gonna let you observe for yourself and the second part I'll write about my own observations about people in Mexico.




















Pictures are taken with both Fujifilm X100F, and the Nikon D7200 + Sigma 50-100mm f/1.8.

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The benches, the graffiti, the Steemit shirt, the faces, the light, the detail. And the lock on the daughter - father holding each others hands. When I was little my mom used to walk me in harness (valjaat). So that I wouldn't run away. This is much more subtle. :)


Thank you! I was wondering if someone would notice the Steemit shirt, good job! I have seen those harnesses but this was the first time I see someone having his child basically handcuffed, I found it quite funny and clever.

These are wonderful!

No words needed at all : )

...and that cop? That sideways glance would have sent me off wondering if shooting photos is a good idea haha.


Thank you so much Ross! Trust me, I averted my eyes and camera real fast and hopped to another direction really fast. :D

they live beautifull life and very simple i see in this photos the people love eachother

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Gimme a break, a picture is worth more than 1000 words 😈


That's so true but we needed to find a common ground for curation. Hope you understand.


My favorite is the two ladies knitting in the park 😜 nice work!

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You have great people watching skills! I love this collection of candid shots. Also, kudos for having courage to do this in Mexico, I heard from a few sources it's not entirely safe to do it over there.