18th Century Charm with 21st Century Amenities

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The Publick House - Sturbridge Massachusetts

The town of Sturbridge, Massachusetts is famous for its old 19th century living museum at Old Sturbridge Village, but did you know that you can stay at an 18th century inn, or at least stop to have dinner or a drink there?

Publick House sign.jpg
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The Publick House Historic Inn
Publick House Inn.jpg
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Historic Hotel Plaque.jpg
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Back of Publick House.jpg
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In private dining area.jpg
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Large ballroom.jpg
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In private dining area.jpg
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Publick House sitting room.jpg
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The Publick House, situated across from Sturbridge Town Common and right next door to The Old Burial Ground, is nestled on acres of gorgeous hilly New England countryside. Accommodation there consists of 4 different choices - The Publick House Historic Inn built in 1771, the newly built Chamberlain House and the new Tillyer House with spa and fitness center, and a short walk up the hill, the Country Lodge, where the swimming pool is located.

View of The publick House from Sturbridge Common
Sturbridge Common.jpg
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Chamberlain House
Chamberlain house.jpg
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The verandah at the Tillyer House
Tillyer House verandah.jpg
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The Country Lodge
Country Lodge.jpg
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We stayed at the Country Lodge where we enjoyed a private deck backing onto woodland, giving the impression we were staying at a cabin in the woods somewhere.

Country Lodge patio.jpg
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Needless to say, the grounds and The Publick House Historic Inn provide an amazing backdrop for weddings and other functions. Colonel Ebenezer Crafts planted the old elm trees on the property back in 1771, and the grounds are just bursting with flowers every way you turn.

Flowers and sprinkler.jpg
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flowers and path.jpg
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lamppost and flowers.jpg
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During your stay you can dine at The Historic Tap Room (the Inn's original dining room) or Ebenezer’s Tavern named after Colonel Ebenezer Crafts the founder of the inn who entertained Revolutionary troops there. Wherever you choose to dine, the menu is basically the same and you won't be disappointed with the old-fashioned menu of Yankee Pot Roast, Chicken Pot Pie, and Jumbo Crab Cakes etc.

Ebenezer's Tavern
Ebenezers Tavern.jpg
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No mention of the Publick House would be complete if I didn't tell you about the Bake Shoppe where they serve their famous pecan sweet rolls, muffins and coffee cake with coffee, tea, and hot chocolate free to guests staying at the Inn. A mouthwatering array of pies, tarts, cookies, cakes, breads, jams, pickles and jellies can be purchased either to eat with an afternoon cup of coffee, or to take home with you.

The Bake Shoppe
Bake Shoppe.jpg
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Bake Shoppe cakes.jpg
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Bake shoppe Cookies.jpg
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If you like to browse gift shops, next door is Sadie Green’s Curiosity Shop where you can buy hand-made reproduction vintage jewelry, sea glass items and everything else you can think of that a gift shop would sell!

Sadie Green's Curiosity Shop
Sadie Greens.jpg
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I am always fascinated by old cemeteries, so visiting the Old Burial Ground next door was a must for me – especially since the Clark family was one of the founding families of Sturbridge and my maiden name is Clark. Surrounding the cemetery is a dry stone wall built in 1794 by Revolutionary War veterans.

Old Burial Ground Wall.jpg
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Old Burial Ground.jpg
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Clark tombstone.jpg
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So, next time you visit Massachusetts, why don't you stop by the Publick House? I think you may be enticed to stay for a few days! I can recommend it!

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Thanks! I appreciate that!

Thats a place I would love to visit, it is like stepping back in time and such cool detail thanks for sharingit with us

Old Sturbridge Village is well worth a visit too. I did that a couple of years ago. This Inn was handy for popping up the Massachusetts Turnpike to visit Jim's Mom and Step-Dad in Auburn, Massachusetts. We used to stay with them, but they are now in Assisted Living.

When we move to MA, this is now on my list of places I want to visit ;)

Are you planning on moving to MA?

Yes Lulus Son his wife and the grandkids live there so when I retire we will move closer to them :)

That makes sense then. Most people retire to warmer climates. Lol!

That was my original plan but I know we would miss the family time and especially the grandkids ;)

Fascinating place, I think I would only be able to see those in the movies!

You never know. Maybe one day you will visit an old New England Inn!

Living in Connecticut, Sturbridge Village and Salem were always on the visiting list for the school field trips. I do so love it there and the Inns are lovely and in keeping with the time.

Your photography and writing is wonderfully enjoyable to read and if I had never been there, you certainly drew a great picture for me!

I always find the cemeteries interesting and sometimes get a smile out of the things they write on the headstones. :) Thank you, Diane, and as always, have a great weekend!

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Please leave the link to your post here so it can easily be found by others. It helps you and me to have them in one place. Where else can you take such a quick trip around the globe? Thank you so much for joining us!! ❤

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a detailed comment and also for the generous tip!

Some of the gravestone comments are quite amusing. Close to my home in Scotland are 2 cemeteries. One is fairly new, but the other one we call the Old Cemetery. Some of the grave markers in the Old Cemetery were flat stones on the ground with a skull and crossbones on them. As a child I believed that pirates were buried there. Lol! I was forever playing there and reading the gravestone inscriptions.

Yes!!! Those inscriptions were the best!

It is a very cozy place, for a moment I moved there and sat on the bench to observe everything from there.

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for stopping by!

Looks like a gorgeous getaway! Massachusetts is filled with so many cool little towns, historic sites and such. It’s like a Hallmark card! 😍

Yes, there are so many quaint towns and villages to visit up there.

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How beautiful it reminds me of a similar house i got married in beautiful grounds like that and old style love it 🌝

Old places have such character! I love them.

A fabulous post here Lady Diane. beautiful photos and a well detailed history.
I also like the cemeteries and always wonder at the hundreds of life stories that they hold.

Well thank you kindly, sir! 😊 I have always been spellbound by gravestones and their inscriptions. What was so sad in that burial ground, was all the tiny headstones commemorating children who had died. There were so many of them.

Oh yeah, I also try to avoid the ones of the little ones, as my eldest brother died as a baby at 1 year old. Of course I never knew him, but I remember my mother's pain and tears until the day that she died.
Often times one wonders at the lives of people according to the inscriptions and one realizes that death is the final eraser.

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Well, thank you! I appreciate that!

Thanks a lot for this in depth look around Publick House! It's certainly very grand looking from the outside and on the inside, even more so! I do like how the room you stayed in (the Country Lodge) makes you feel as though you are really out in the middle of the forest, must have felt quite serene!

And yes, I'd definitely go along to the Bake Shoppe for sure! Us Brits love a bit of cake haha!

They did serve tea too, but you know how the water is never quite hot enough to get the perfect flavor from the tea!

Haha yea I know what you mean! I was up in Yorkshire last weekend and arguably the best tea going there. Just the sound of the water flowing out into the cup... Magic 😁

Yes, water from an urn that has been standing for a few hours doesn’t exactly make the best tea. I drink tea all the time at home - except for my morning coffee - but never drink tea when I’m out anywhere here!

Haha too right! Feels like a cardinal sin when it's not done properly doesn't it?! You can take Britain away from the Brit but you can't take the Brit away from Britain :D

Oh, so true! I do love my tea.

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