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swatch 1.png


Shutter Speed 1/4
Aperture F/22
ISO 100
Camera Canon 600D
Lens Canon 18-55 kit lenses

swatch grid.png

Grid view

India is the land of Rich and Diverse Cultural Heritage. This is clearly evident when you travel across the country to various places, but at the same time, its sad to
This Image was Taken During My Visit to Hampi back in 2015


The picture looked great in the small camera screen, but that was not the case when I viewed it on my laptop screen. The RAW file looked flat and lacked the Depth.
That is where colour correction in Adobe Lightroom comes into the picture.
If you are someone who does not know to colour correct in Lightroom, here is a tutorial video you should watch.

swatch unedited.png

RAW Image

Lets now move on to the first Lightroom edit.
Here I pumped up the contrasts and shadows, Made the blacks even more black and slightly tone down the highlights.
So basically, this part of the Image where I get the brighter parts less brighter.
edit 2.png
Edit 1

We see from the Edited version one that the outdoor part is underexposed. This Calls for Version two where we are going to overexpose the Indoor parts of the RAW image. So I Increased the exposure and Contrast in post which causes the outdoor part to loose out certain details, but we need not worry as we won't be having that part our final edited Image. I also made sure light and color tone remains the same in both the edits.

edit 1.png

Edit 2

Concept of masking is like keep two pieces of papers on top of the other and cut out the top part in a shape to partly expose the bottom layer. So we did the same, but on photoshop .
Here is a Tutorial Video on Masking technique

Combine Edit 1 and Edit 2 to get this Final Image


Cartoon Art by @turtledance24

Combo line divider.png

This is my entry to the Deranged Coin Photgraphy Contest organised by @boyerobert and Sponsored by @derangedvisions. The Theme for this week is "Casted Shadows".
You can check the contest post here.


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