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RE: What isn't seen from the Cerro El Morro viewpoint

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El Morro is such a fascinating place. It is so easy to forget all these little details when exploring a place, and you did a great job bringing those hidden yet beautiful details to us...

It is so interesting that those poisonous plants looks really harmless and beautiful, no one would have thought that they can cause that much harm, thankfully, there are signs that indicate that... The Guaritoto, when it touches your skin and you get that burn, won't it go away after a while (of course if one can endure), or does one have to use urine before the pains go away? And Manzanillo causes death for real??

A bird helping an iguana remove ticks? 😃that must have been a really funny sight! What a beautiful friendship they have I will so love to see that....

Those colorful stones looks so nice, it is just so sad to hear that it is as a result of sea pollution. Well, I hope people don't discover this and start polluting the sea with glasses on purpose.

Are those corals killed on purpose to make the coral garden?

I think the sunset looks so magical, it's definitely beauty! Growing up in that sorrounded by such beauty must have been really amazing....


You can be sure that in nature you will always find something surprising.

Like those "harmless" plants that are harmful. To cure the rash that causes the Guaritoto you must use the urine right after you have touched the plant, and regarding Manzanillo, I don't know anyone close to you who has died, but on the internet there are references about people who have been intoxicated.

Also look at that curious relationship between the bird and the tick, I kept watching for several minutes and laughing at the same time, I had never witnessed something like this before.

This place is pure magic, really. Thank you very much for reading! 😋

Amazing how nature is, right?

Like immediately? Oh well, I will be sure to keep off these plants just in case i find myself there or anywhere that has these kinds of plants😀 they may be harmful but they are equally important to the whole evosystem

An entertainment for you! 😀 Entertainment is almost everywhere, I guess! If I were there, I would have probably made a video of all that... It's a wonder, I hope you see it again someday!

It was a pleasure!

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