Travel Digest #509

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Hi everyone @LivingUKTaiwan here with the weekend edition of the #traveldigest. Today we have a small, but nonetheless fascinatiing selection of posts for you. They include a stroll around the busy streets of Old Delhi in India, a new comer to the #SteemitWorldMap who tells us how to do 8 days in Japan for under USD600 and a surprise parade in Ghana with dead goats and muskets.

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Travel Digest

#1 Travelreport - Delhi, India Day 3 by @worldcapture

So I got out of bed quite early, took a quick cold shower, dressed myself and left the hostel. I visited my friend Omers cafe again to have a cold brewed coffee before I started my day. After a small chat with him I left at around 10:00 AM into the wild streets of Delhi - Damn I was the same excited as on the days before. I just love the mix of cultures and chaos in this city. My destination was Old Delhi again. What else? :D - This time I even had the great idea to start walking with earphones in my ears. Well after 5 mins I got almost killed about 3 times in the streets - Nope, not a good idea.
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#2 Travel Guide | JAPAN for under 600.00 USD by @essen.vicente

One of the most impulsive things I’ve ever done in my life was to buy a ticket out of the blue to Japan. I didn’t think about it – no purpose, no planning, just did it for the very pleasure of travelling.So there I was looking at a Cebu Pacific midnight sale (because midnight and sales), and I ended up booking a round trip ticket from MNL to TKY for 98.90 USD because I could and I wanted to.
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#3 The New Dakpema by @for91days

This was a popular celebration item among the crowd, and each deafening boom made me jump. Those who weren't carrying guns were waving machetes, or crowbars, or handsaws. And those who weren't wielding some sort of weapon were carrying a freshly slaughtered animal across their shoulders, a chicken or a goat, its neck freshly sliced open and blood still gushing from the wound.
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Thaaaaaaanks a lot for the feature! Highly appreciated !! :))

You're welcome, look forward to you Nepal report

So awesome .. thank you!!!!

Thanks sounded crazzzzzy!

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Wooohooo!! Goal achieved! Thanks so much for the feature! :D This just completely made my day!!

You're welcome! It's always good to see new users on the Map. Look forward to see more from you.

Wow .. Wish I had the courage to just up and book a ticket to japan. Although it is on my list , still have a lot of planning to do ..

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