Travel Digest #290

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Hi. It's @choogirl here with another edition of #traveldigest! Enjoy!

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Travel Digest

#1 Vlog, San Francisco, USA

First, @waybeyondpadthai takes us around San Fransico, California for the day. She starts off at the beach enjoying the seabirds despite the chilly air, before meeting some other steemians and heading off to Golden Gate Park for some acro yoga and tree climbing. The three of them then rent some bikes and head downtown for a bit of sightseeing, lunch and some tea, before heading their separate ways.

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#2 Australia Zoo, Beerwah, Australia

Next, we head Down Under with @itchyfeetdonica, who takes us to Australia Zoo in Beerwah on the Sunshine Coast. This place was made famous by the late Steve Irwin. There's a lot to see and to do here, including watching the feeding shows of giant tortoises and otters; and patting koalas, kangaroos and wallabies. The most famous attraction, however, is the Wildlife Warriors Show involving hungry crocodiles.

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#3 Expedition, Mount Kazbek, Georgia

Finally, @cdots continues his adventure climbing Mount Kazbek, Georgia. Day 3 involved crossing the Gergeti Glacier, which was not easy since the route he chose was less than ideal. Crossing a crevasse with a 25kg backpack was also dangerous, which could lead to injury or death if not done correctly. Once clear, he then climbed a steep path comprising gravel and unstable rocks to get to base camp, before setting up his tent for the night.

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Honorable Mentions

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Woohoo~ Thank you for the feature! And congrats to everyone here! :D


You're welcome!

Thanks for featuring!!! oh oh we've been featured @trinityandgrow and @acromott. and ohhhh!! I have seen you around @choogirl! :D Thanks again for choosing the post ❤


You're welcome. It was a fun vlog! That tree is very cool.



Great selection @choogirl! Now I have something to read for the rest of the evening :D


Nice! Glad we could help.

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WOW, thank you so much for the recognition and support. Congrats to all the winners, well done everyone!


You're welcome!

Thank you for the Honorable Mentions @steemitworldmap :)


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Thank you :) I'm honoured to see my name on this list.
I hope my post will help some traveler


You're welcome!

Aww fun! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thanks so much for giving my post an honorable mention!

Congratulations to all who have submitted these winning blogs. The photography is simply spectacular! ( U & R)