Mysterious caves of Slovakia

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In winter we usually rest in Slovakia.
There we swim in the geysers and ski. For entertainment, we went on an excursion to the Belianska cave. The guide told us a lot of interesting things.
The Belian cave is a stalactite cave in the eastern part of the Belian Tatras in Slovakia, the largest and only open cave in the High and Belian Tatras. The cave is located on the northern slope of Kobyliai Mountain, not far from the settlement of Tatranska Kotlin. It is assumed that people used the cave in prehistoric times. The entrance to the cave is located at an altitude of 890 meters above sea level. The length of the cave is 3,641 m, the height difference is 160 m. Only 2 sites are open to tourists. The difference in heights on this route is up to 125 m and is overcome by 866 steps (we overcame them). The guide said there are many kinds of bats in the cave. We saw only two .
Of course, there we bought souvenirs - an ornament from agate (for me - a lover of natural stones) and Tataran tea (whose taste is very similar to a balm containing alcohol).







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cool:) tipuvote! 0.1

Interesting story. I was able to enter a cave once in my life somewhere in Mandara mountains of Gwoza, Borno State Nigeria.

Amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Must visit!

Dead Bats Cave is situated in the rocky territory and ensured NAPANT region.

Essential surrender visit is 1 km since quite a while ago, lit and secured with steel ropes and extensions.

Extra speleoroutes for the requesting require great physical wellness - speleological trekking with exemplary climbing anticipates you.

At the first opportunity!

Fabulous. Hey man, how lucky you are to go there.
You are jealous of Haha

Great example of an opportunity to travel virtually with a Steemit post!

Place for a horror movie

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