5000 stairs for an Epic Sunrise! 🌅⛰🌅

in #travel4 years ago

It took us a little under 2 hours to get up 5000 steps to se the epic sunrise on Adams peak.



The view is amazing and you don't regret waking up at 3 in the morning to start your journey.



To je skrivnostna gora s templjem na vrhu. Obstaja veliko častilcev na poti in vedno se lahko ustavite, če želite počivati noge.

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no matter how long it took, the important thing was the precious moment they captured the sunrise in an image.

I agree 100% :)

Dude those photos with the sunrise behind, and those portraits are really good!

Thanks when nature is so beautiful it's easy to take a great photo :)

well since they say no pain no gain, well they are right and the gain is a masterpiece. good job with the photo congratz

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Well, I wouldn't mind the 5000 steps if this is what I will see.
Very nice over there. :)

Yeah the way up is alway nicer than the way down :D

looks cinematic

Yes it was thanks!

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