The place where dined the kings

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It just so happens that I often visit St. Petersburg. My relatives live in Peterhof and I periodically get to go to them. This year I went there not alone, but together with my daughter. We experienced a lot of interesting adventures during the trip and I will tell you about one of them.

The fact is that I had never been to the small Hermitage pavilion, which is located on the territory of the lower Park of Petrodvorets. I didn't even know what it was or what it was for under the king.

In General, my daughter persuaded me to go there. We bought a ticket and went on a tour. I must say, we did not regret it, because we learned a lot of interesting things.

The fact that this pavilion served as something like a small kitchen house. Earlier, when the king and his entourage were walking in a large Park, it often happened that everyone suddenly began to feel a desire to eat, and the Palace was far away, and then everyone went to this small house.

The device of the house was unusual. On all sides it is surrounded by a moat with water, the building has three floors, the lowest of which is technical and located below ground level. Here, on the ground floor, was the kitchen where the food was prepared.

Then began the most interesting. When the guests went up to the second floor and sat down at the table, they ate. Then part of the table came into motion. A special mechanism lowered the middle of the table and took away some of the empty dishes, and in this place a little later there was a new food served to guests from below.

Today, years later, everything in this place remains as before. The mechanism exists, but has not been used for a long time. During the excursions, tourists are told about this pavilion and shown how everything was in the old days. On the tables is artificial food, very similar to the present.

It's very beautiful inside. On the walls hung many paintings by old masters, there are items of furniture and household. There is a feeling that only recently Tsar Peter I himself came here with his servants. The place for the house is chosen very well, because the Windows offer great views of the Park and the Gulf of Finland, which is only a few meters from this place.

St. Petersburg is a very interesting place. Here you can live your whole life, but did not visit all the historical places, of which there are a great many. Personally, I've been here about 15 times, but I can't say I've seen that much.

Photos taken with camera CANON EOS 50D, TAMRON 28-75mm lens


I have a friend in the USA from St Petersburg and he says it is a beautiful place to visit. I loved your tour of that historical eating place. Very interesting, and definitely worth a visit!

Thank you! Yes, this place is really very beautiful. I would like to visit it more often, because in my life it is impossible to see all the sights of St. Petersburg and its surroundings.

Thanks for writing this comment through!
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I never got to see any fountains working because it was late November, but I absolutely loved Peterhof when I visited! I hope to return one day when the weather is nice.

Yes, that's right, they don't work in November. But in the spring and summer there is very beautiful and the fountains work all to one.

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@yurche, This is wonderful place and the most attractive point is, it kept and maintained in untouched way and in a way reflecting the essence of old times. Stay blessed.

I invite you to visit this wonderful place! Usually there is a lot of tourists within the season.

If it's destined for me then i will visit definitely. Thank you so much.

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Perfectly summarized short details of an intersting place. who is the kid, your daughter. Looks Cute.

Have a good day friend

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Thank you! Yes, this is my daughter : )

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