Travel Pro Tip #41: Pitt Stop on the way to Prague Castle! Prague Czech Republic! (1 min video)

in travel •  4 months ago

Hey there my Steemit friends here is a quick Travel Pro Tip for those visiting the amazing city of Prague in the Czech Republic. Anyone visiting Prague will certainly be making a trip, likely walking to Prague Castle. On a common rout there is a free place to stop, use the bathroom, get some water, and a hotdog for a dollar fifty US. I tell you all about it from the location in this short video. The location is well marked on the Steemit World Map.

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Video/Photo Credit: World Travel Pro!

!steemitworldmap 50.090766 lat 14.409621 long d3scr

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Great trip @world-travel-pro.

That was one of the things I loved about Venice. There were drinking fountains all over the place. 😊


Thanks Gill! I never saw this in Asia or Latin America....a Euro thing? haha :) Have a great day!


yeah. Not sure if it's a Euro thing or not @world-travel-pro because the only place I've seen it is in Venice. 😊

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very nice photography

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I used to live in Prague for 6 years. It's my favorite city! I miss it so much! But I'm lucky to be able to visit it for at least once a year :)


It is a very cool city. Will have many more post coming out on this place to keep you missing it ;) Hope to see you stop by again soon.


I'm actually planning a trip to Prague in a month or so, so I might make a couple of posts too! :)


Sounds great, would love to see them.