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RE: KasiaTravels on a budget: Going with the flow (aka it’s time to visit Nicaragua. Part 1) Solo backpacking on a budget in Latin America.

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Yes, spontaneity can really add a lot to the traveling experience. I congratulate you on your bravery, you will go a long way :)


are you a spontaneous traveler?

hey there again:) do you wanna be my PA?;)

Sure! I'd love to! Wait...what's a PA? Haha I'm also impulsive sometimes . Lol I literally got excited and then was like "what's a PA?"

haha! PA stands for personal assistant ;) cause i was seeing you here, replying for me :) you did a good job btw :)

it adds, no doubts! so nice to see that people here share the same values as i do. thanks for the comment and good luck! :)