I upvote your picture: Thursday 4.1.2018: Share your personal pictures of Austria and bordering states

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My challenge to you:
Comment this post with a picture!
Give me self made pictures from Austria and I will upvote them with 100%.
Give me a picture of a bordering state of Austria and I will upvote it with 50%.

Why am I doing that?
Because I love traveling and nearly every second weekend I'm doing a trip with my girlfriend.
Meanwhile it's getting a bit hard to find new targets, not too far away.
So I'm looking for your input and a picture is a wonderful possibility to show what you already experienced.

Let me start myself:
The inner city of Dornbirn in Vorarlberg. Wonderful houses with a very special style, definitely worth a visit.

The "Höhenrausch" in Linz. You can walk across the roofs in the inner city of Linz.
The tower you can climb to have a great overview.
2015-10-04 16.11.03.jpg

I'm really looking forward to your pictures


I have a pic from Verwall valley, near from St.Anton Tyrol, lg


Very nice one.
A real winterwonderland.
Thanks for sharing

A sea near Schladming, Styria:

Nice one!
May I ask you for the name of the lake?
Thank you for sharing

It was the Riesachsee. Make sure you make a stop at the Gfölleralm. Best "Kaiserschmarrn" :)

Thanks a lot for sharing.
Really nice one and you don't know how much I love "Kaiserschmarrn" :)

über den Dächer von Wien.

Wirklich schön, vor allem wie die Sonne reinscheint.
Das ist doch der Hundertwasserturm oder?

Danke, ja stimmt das hast du gut erkannt ;-).

Der Ottensteiner Stausee in NÖ, ganz ein feines Ausflugs- und Badeziel.

Echt ein tolles Bild!
Ist das eine Burg da hinten?
Dann könnte man ja den Badespaß gleich mit etwas Kultur verbinden :)

Burg & Campingplatz :)

Echt fein, das klingt nach einmal lässigen Ausflugsziel für ein sonniges Wochenende

Sieht genau aus wie der Stausee in Luxemburg -). Schönes Foto.

Here is another one from Meran, Italy: beautiful city with a hill nearby where you can go with an old-fashioned cable car.

Really lovely.
I have to go to Meran too.
When it comes to South - Tyrol, I have only been in Bolzano a few times.
I like te people there and I'm sure that Meran has a lot of things to see.

Merano is a wonderful city!

Hi Werner,

I'm sorry, that I can not give you a full landscape image like the others, but I just wanted to show you how our little town (actually it's just a "Gemeinde", not even a real town) Gilching, south-west of Munich looks after a snowfall:

Now I know a new part of Germany. ;)
I'm quite often in Germany because of my job.
Two times I already had the possibility to spend some time at the Starnberg lake.
Really like it there.
Thanks for sharing your picture.
Wonderful winter landscape.

Vielen Dank für den Push up!!

Eine der schönsten Routen: Der Brenta entlang durch Norditalien, bis sich die Alpen immer mehr zurückziehen und man schließlich in einer endlosen Ebende landet.

Coole color.
Seems like half of the Dolomites is inside of the river.
Thanks for sharing.
Next one who is telling me to go to North-Italy.
Seems like a good destination :)

Would like to participate but have to figure out how to post a photo first. Haven‘t done yet on Steemit. Thank you. Following.

Very nice, I’m looking forward for your picture

Uploading is quite easy.
Just drag and drop the picture in the inpt textfield.
It should automatically upload.

If that doesn‘t work for you for some reason, you can also try the old method:

szentgotth_1959 2.jpg

Bordering states... there are so many wonderful places around Austria, too. This is a less known one and in my vicinity. It shows the center of Szentgotthárd, Hungary. I live very close. Tourists like it for shopping and taking a rest in a restaurant or coffee shop. Not only Hungarian is spoken there, it is also a center for the Slovenian minority in Hungary. Szentgotthárd can also be regarded as the door to a fascinating national park which is spread on the territories of three nations: Hungary, Slovenia and Austria. Hoping, like you, to see more contributions here.

That's exactly why I started this challenge.
It's a place that I have never heard of and together with your story I like it so much that I want to go there now.
Thank you

You shold repeat your challenge some day, there are many other nice places to recommend. You could ask for the support of the Steemit Austria group to have your challenge more spread. I hope my reteeming helps but I am still a minnow, too...

Hi Martina
Yes I'm going to repeat it every 2 days at least and I will try to spread it more.
Really like that you are joining in and I'm looking forward to more pictures from you at the next challenges.
I don't care if minnow or whale. The goal is to get ideas and cool pictures.
Thank you for your nice images.

That‘s good! I am thinking about some challenge or service that I could offer, but it will happen at the right time. Right now I am busy to write a sort of Steemit beginner‘s guide narrating my own experiences and observations. On the other hand, I like to tell stories and some people want to read them. Besides, I will write on art and culture. Lots to do!

Sounds very promising.
I'm already following you, so I'm looking forward to read your guide and your stories.

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