Austria upvote foto challenge: Friday 29.12.2017, Share your personal pictures of Austria

in #travel6 years ago

As I'm from a wonderful small country called "Austria", I would love to see more content and especially pictures of it.

Similar to my friend @czechglobalhosts I want to put some effort in it and ask you for help.

I'm going to upvote everybody, who is going to share a self made picture of Austria in the comments with 100% of my voting power.

Let me start myself:
That's me on the "Pöstlingberg", right above the city I'm living in "Linz".
_2015-07-05 19.53.48.jpg

And of course the most famous and known place in Austria is our capital Linz with its symbol: "Stephansdom".
I'm sure you have better pictures of it than me :)

So, I'm really looking forward, what you are going to show to me.
Thanks in advance


cool photography @whiessl. although I don't live in Austria, I love the architecture

Thanks for your reply.
Happy you like it.
I'm going to post more pictures regularly. There are lots of nice spots and old buildings with beautiful architecture around here.

Super nette Idee!

Danke, hoffe ich krieg etwas Feedback, bis jetzt ists noch etwas Mau, aber denke das braucht etwas Zeit :)

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