This is where I work ;) Beautiful Croatia! (Novalja, Pag)

in travel •  5 months ago

Hello my darling Steemians!

As summer started, I have no time at all! :( My two part-time jobs started and my posting is minimum, I'm mostly on @dlive now. As I travel through my beautiful country when I'm on my job, I try to seize every chance to capture some photos of nature's beauty that is all around me!

I do my job often around the city, so going this far was a quite an adventure! I went to Novalja, island of Pag. Probably, someone heard about Novalja and its sandy beaches, cockatail bars and crazy parties! Unfortunatelly, I didn't go to party but I managed to take some photos along the way.

My mission is to travel as much as I can with my job and try to bring you my country's nature beauty and maybe lure you to come here! :D

I had to drive for about 3 hours Novalja, mostly because when you arrive to island of Pag, you have to drive slow and Novalja is not that near. So after we went off from the highway we croos the famous Pag bridge. The scenery there is simply breathtakin, sometimes I miss the words to describe how that feels. Sometimes you cannot cross the bridge because of the strong wind named Bura, but luckily this time the bridge was open.

On the north you can see the biggest mountain in Croatia, Velebit. On the other side you can see the national park Kornati. Kornati are in fact, islands. This place is simply the spot where you need to stop and take some pictures.

After we drove through bald island of Pag, we arrived to city Pag. Well, we didn't arrive, we just passed through. The city of Pag is also situated in an interesting and beautiful place. I saw a lot of people are fisihing there, so that must be their main activity.

Also, island of Pag is famous for its cheese, Paški sir or Pag's cheese. It is a hard cheese with specific flavour that will make you remember this island.

The island is long so we have to drove a lot to Novalja. We saw some nice looking small places, probably ready for tourist season. With its parties, island of Pag and city of Novalja bring so many tourists from all over the world. Unfortunatelly, I had no time to go through city and capture all of the beauty, but here are two pics from one small road in the middle of Novalja.

I encourage you, if you are party animal, to go check what Novalja and island of Pag has to offer for you! You will be amazed!

I was in Novalja only for 5 mins, so I took all of this in car or stopping for a second and running like a wild man to take 2 pics :D :D I had fun and I'm glad I could share this beauty with you. Next time when I go to another city I will bring it to you via my post and photos! I just hope I will have more time!

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Wow that is a beautiful blue, both water and skies. Town looks about the size I would enjoy not being a person who likes cities at all. Taking a ride with you through somewhere I will most probably never get to was entertaining and informative, thanks

Visiting from @goldendawne - Adventure and Travel Curation - Congratulations on being selected.


Thank you @joanstewart!
I just loved the rolling hills and views shared in this post! I found myself daydreaming just a li'l bit!


Love being able to see far away places through the lens, itchy feet and not traveling due to our bad exchange rates in this day and age @goldendawne


Thanks both of you, a lot! Yeah, my country is pretty beautiful so I took a quick chance to capture at least a bit :)

Much love!

Croatia is a very beautiful country. Hope one day visit this country.


Yes it is, nature is amazing here! I hope you travel the world also! Much love!

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Predobro izgleda!


Daaaaaa, šteta šta san žuria al barem sam ovo uspia slikat :D

Croazia is a very beautiful country. i want to visit her. Thanks fot your photos and the post


Grazie! :) If you're in Italy, it is close :D Thanks for stopping by ;)

great pictures!!

Wide, spacious shot for a great place!


Thanks! It's really amazing here!


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Thank you very much, I really appreciate it! <3

My dear You work in a beautiful place, have the opportunity to see that sea, and that sky is unique. It seems like a small town, I love the endless path between its intense greens and its blue. You have really captured some excellent photographs, so I thank you very much for taking the time to share them with us! Congratulations.


Thanks a lot for stopping by. Yes, my country is rich with natures beauty. Hope to share some more with you all..

Wow what amazing photograph's Croatia looks so beautiful.


Thanks a lot!