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RE: 12 Hours in Mysore City /// INDIA

in #travel6 years ago

Mysore is heaven! If you have a bike or a car, Mysore is the best place to be. There are hundreds of interesting, scenic, enchanting, marvellous places within 200km radius from Mysore.
I'll list some of them for you.
The temple-town and the river-island of Srirangapatna - just around 15km from the city. There are so many interesting spots. This is one of them - the temple at Gosai Ghat overlooking the river Kaveri.
The Shivanasamudra waterfalls.
There are so many unexplored locations. Places like Varuna Kere, Suttur etc. are barely known.
I'm from India too so I'm glad that you liked Mysore. And these photographs are absolutely stunning.


it's is such a shame that we had only 12 hours to be in Mysore, hopefully we will visit it again and take your advice, get a bike and see everything there is. Thank you!

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