12 Hours in Mysore City /// INDIA

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We left Hampi about 9 pm and rickshaw took us to a bus station. We were heading to Kochi and Mysore was a transit city.


Gladly, we booked a sleeper bus and were absolutely happy about this decision. It was in a very good condition and all the way (8 hours) we slept like babies till we got to Mysore.

The bus arrived around 8 am and we had 12 hours till the next bus and we decided to explore the city.


While walking to the nearest palace rikshaw driver stopped us and offered a small tour around Mysore for 50 rupees, we thought that it’s a good offer and we will see more places, so we agreed.

The Aroma Shop

We started our sightseeing with a nice and atmospheric place in the old city, it was a shop of real essential oils and incense sticks. A very kind man welcomed us and showed everything and after that we understood that we did a mistake buying cheap incense sticks at local market.

The real ones are made of honey, they are very flexible and can smolder for 1 hour. We were impressed and bought some. Oils were a bit expensive for us, but I can tell that the quality is outstanding! The smell stays for the whole day!


Silk shop

After such a nice and aromatic place we went to the silk shop. As the driver said, it’s one of the best shops in the city providing the best quality.


Everything was hand made in there, starting from scarfs, vases, bracelets, jewelry and ending with rugs and clothes. Out of curiosity we wanted to see everything what they are selling, prices were really high, but worth the thing. We saw the difference between what is sold in markets and real hand made shop, impressive!



Visiting Mysore Palace

When we entered the palace we understood how crowded it actually is. May is a school holiday month in India and all the people, locals and tourists are going to see the most popular places of their country.



The Palace was impressive, all the halls and the colors in design attracted an eye.




The Zoo

As always we didn’t have a plan for the whole day and we were just wandering around till we got to the Zoo. We decided to have a look, because it will be better than just walking through the noisy city streets.


The Zoo was huge, it took us around 3,2 km from entry till the exit. We saw different kinds of animals, birds and plants. From the one side, we felt sorry for all the animals who are stuck there only to entertain people, no freedom at all, but from other side it was very educational. Now we definitely know more about variety of species on our planet.





In 3 hours we finished our Zoo trip and were a bit tired, so we went to a restaurant, had lunch and dinner together and by the time we finished the bus was already waiting for us to go to Kochi.

In Kochi we spent 2 days and then left to see the beautiful and green Munnar.

Can’t wait to share the views with you, we are so inspired by the tea plantations and hills.

Stay tuned for the next post about Munnar!!!

We do not fancy the city sightseeing, we better prefer nature :)

Are you a city or nature lover?


Extreme Romance


Mysore is heaven! If you have a bike or a car, Mysore is the best place to be. There are hundreds of interesting, scenic, enchanting, marvellous places within 200km radius from Mysore.
I'll list some of them for you.
The temple-town and the river-island of Srirangapatna - just around 15km from the city. There are so many interesting spots. This is one of them - the temple at Gosai Ghat overlooking the river Kaveri.
The Shivanasamudra waterfalls.
There are so many unexplored locations. Places like Varuna Kere, Suttur etc. are barely known.
I'm from India too so I'm glad that you liked Mysore. And these photographs are absolutely stunning.

it's is such a shame that we had only 12 hours to be in Mysore, hopefully we will visit it again and take your advice, get a bike and see everything there is. Thank you!

It was in a very good condition and all the way (8 hours) we slept like babies till we got to Mysore.
That is the benifit of sleeper coach, sleep while you travel, I have travelled a lot in sleeper coach, perfect time to travel in them is at night.

You're absolutely right, we think it's the best option you may have here.

In 3 hours we finished our Zoo trip and were a bit tired, so we went to a restaurant, had lunch and dinner together and by the time we finished the bus was already waiting for us to go to Kochi.

probably the best trip of your life, trip to India is really amazing, you can see all kind of people here and different cultures too

India is impressing us on every step we take. Different cultures, different people, different languages and of course, meeting fellow travelers is precious.

That is great idea for tour mysore. I think you enjoy a lot on Hampi. One thing I forget to tell you that on new currency of 10 rupees have printed photo of hampi. Mysoore is good historical place. Is famous at the time of british era. Also that is place where most of the gold is mine in india. So mysore is an important place for india. Zoo visit looks pleasant. Fort is also awesome. Thanks for write this.I want to see more

We wish we would know about gold mines, we would go and mine it ourselves :D. Unfortunately we didn't have much time in Mysore, but i think we will visit India few more times :)

Mysore is very beautiful and very nice architecture.my own who have never gone to see from your post alone. made me want to visit that instana. these are all places that are so popular in my opinion in india.

Very nice photos. That first shot is a great street photo! India seems to be an extremely colorful place. The palace looks amazing, too. I love the little "frills" on the arches and detail work in the columns. That must have taken awhile to build and required some gifted craftsmen.

It took a while indeed, luckily India was and is full of gifted craftsman.

Hi, thanks for sharing another wonderful post. It seems really a great deal of a quick tour of Mysore only for 50 rupees. What attracted me most is the "Mysore Palace" and I really feel standing myself in between colourful arched corridors and halls. Amazing.

I am from Pakistan, neighboring country of India, so if you are that close to us, I would take privilege to request to grant an opportunity to host you, if possible for you :). There are plenty of places in Pakistan too. Expecting to see you soon.

it is an beautiful view of india.. proud for indian subcontinment that you represnts it so nicely.
what a capture. love it

travelling is my hobby..
nice photography dear..
thanks a lot for sharing such a great post..

that's a great post dear.
Travelling moment is always enjoyable..
outstanding photography..

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