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RE: The World's Famous Antelope and Horseshoe Bend Canyons

in #travel4 years ago

What an great trip you had! I would love to visit those places... together with every other national park in the country haha

I'm a bit surprised to read that a few people have fallen from the edge of the cliff at Horseshoe Bend, but then again I'm not; people would do anything for a cool photo to post on their social media channels nowadays! Glad your bear was happy to sacrifice himself for you! ;P


hahah :) it is a brave one :P :) You have amazing parks in US and honestly, I started understanding why many people don't travel outside of the country - you simply have everything inside. Lucky girl :)

The US have sooo much to offer in terms of landscape and adventure. It's a beautiful country! But as always, we always want what we don't have, hence why a lot of Americans would rather go abroad rather than seeing more of their own country. Just like Canadians! Lucky people, hey? :)

Haha :) lucky people everywhere, greedy to see more things as well :) Are you Canadian?