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RE: Planning October Trip in France!

in #travel5 years ago

When you going south, a great place to advise is "Goudarques" , it's near Bagnols sur Céze. A small village with some great surroudings and wine-yards. I've been there 12 times when I was a kid..I still visit it when I am on a holiday in spain or some else in France. You have some great campings where you can park your motohome, with electricity :)


Thank you very much for your comment @verhp11 and for suggesting "Goudarques" because I have never been there and I will see if I can put it in my future itinerary.

No problem, my pleasure. It's very picturesque:

And there are a lot of great things to see in the Goudarques Area :)

Beautiful. Thank you.

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