BORNEO: Diving in Maratua ...!, by @marc-allaria (translated from French)

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This is an authorized translation in English of a post in French by @marc-allaria: BORNEO - Stop#6 - Plongée à Maratua...!

As my primary language is not English, there are probably some mistakes in my translation.

Remember that the person who speaks here is NOT me, Vincent Celier (@vcelier), but Marc Allaria (@marc-allaria), a French guy.


Bluespotted ribbontail ray

* * * * *

If the pass of the "Big School" is the center of interest of the place, we should not forget the rest of the drop. The coral reef of Maratua is very rich and includes a density of gorgonians and soft corals quite incredible. I do not move much under water, and no long motionless moments around the same subject. Each gorgonian is entitled to its selfie, the soft corals give spectacular colors, and it is not uncommon to receive the visit of a small shark, a humphead wrasse or the school of parrotfish in the area.

* * * * *

Here the dives are deep. How good it is to land at the feet of the wall, and let your mind escape by watching his bubbles reach the sun. Several months that I was waiting for this moment. It is by going up from one of these dives that I catch a zebra shark on a platform of the fall. The zebra sharks, as well as the nurse sharks, or the reef sharks, are some of the sharks that can filter the water needed for survival through muscle action. A total stop for a night's sleep is not detrimental to their survival. In contrast to this, almost all other shark species do not have this feature. If it stops, the oxygen filtration also stops and their survival is called into question. It is therefore a perpetual swim for them.

Zebra shark
From too hurried to find ourselves along this drop, we get used to go a little too fast next to a flat who deserve certainly that we pay more attention. At the diving returns, I let myself drift next to my small boat to enjoy each and every concentrate of life. The flat is easily accessible and offers a rich marine life. The turtles obviously, but also the bluespotted ribbontail rays are in very large numbers. More discreet some anemones protect their lots of symbiotic shrimps and their eternal clown fish. White moray eels, shells, mantis shrimps and octopuses also set the scene.

No less than a month passed here. Aurora is now part of the walls! The dives at the rhythm of the tides, the pleasant moments spent at the Nabucco hotel, the small jogging on the way to the village, the sedentarisation is not far! And then the season changes, the winds will turn soon and it will be time to go back to sea. The next route followed by Aurora should be that of Sulawesi. Some drop-off points given by Maratua's friends are waiting for me and should give some ink to my future stories. In the meantime, it's time to reinflate the sails ...

* * * * *

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Are you a diver yourself @vcelier?
I love diving and have done it many times in Thailand and in Maldives. Have seen all the sealife you mentioned except probably the zebra shark.

It is amazing to see this wild underwater life for yourself. It is just like visiting another world on our planet Earth :) Would recommend everyone to try diving.

By the way, @vcelier. I don't know if you are aware, but me and my team are developing a completely free mobile app for Steemians called SteemApp which will allow users to post and browse through feed much easier from mobile phones. Would love if you would consider voting for us as witness on yuriks2000 account. Will really help us develop quicker and more apps for Steemit. Thanks


Are you a diver yourself @vcelier?


The underwater with so much beautiful creatures

Stingrays are very pretty,with a black colored yellow is very fascinating,@vcelier

A very good story about the story of the fishermen along with the moving coral reefs that find the umbun coral sailing under the moonlight.

Views of the ocean, under the water is best. Ocean will never expose her all the secrets to us. No matter how much we try. I love to watch the views of ocean ground.
Deep sea, always looks mystery.


If you want to see more about underwater photos, have a look on my blog.


Sire thing, i will look into it.

Beautiful photography and marine encounter, the sea definitely keeps brilliant treasures. A long time ago I did not observe gorgonians, I had forgotten them. Enjoy this life of walks by the sea.

My friend a veterinarian but an avid diver too told me that sometimes when he sees a coral and he thinks that it was soft learning after that it was hard and vise-versa. @vcelier

The natural beauty of the sea we must guard and we preserve, in my country, there are special rules about it.


Which country?


Aceh - Indonesia @marc-allaria, Where do you live?


I travel. I stayed more than one month at Maratua a few years ago.


I see, thank you my friend. :)

Amazing underwater photography, it is difficult to believe that there are so many different colors like we have on surface, the nature no matter if on the surface or underwater is beautiful. My praises to photographer!


Thank you. Yes you right, really colourful. Have a look on my blog to see more.

The coral triangle!!!!! Beautiful photos, I hope to dive with a zebra shark some day!!

It really nice to see on sea
The more beautiful sea is the country of the country
Thank you for sharing this beauty