Lazy River Day

in travel •  4 months ago


Another relaxing day on the river courtesy of the hot sun. Today we brought a little BBQ and grilled hot dogs. It wasn't as hot today, but still very nice. There were around ten of us, a couple I didn't know brought tubes to float the river, I used it at one point in the day and had fun paddling out a little past where all of us were hanging out together. Noticed a couple guys fishing and asked them if they had any luck, but they hadn't yet.

Farther down the way there was a campsite with a bunch of people and music, I was trying to go in that direction with the tube but the current of the river wouldn't allow me to so I ended up floating back to our group of friends. After hanging out at the river today we went back my friend's cabin and watched football. In fact, we still are now. I'm not sure what to do exactly, I feel like it may be time to get to the next location. It's been fun hanging out at the cabin and spending time on the river but I think I might start moving down the road again. Maybe I will see how I feel tomorrow when I wake up.

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The river seems so far away right now.

It's been months since I've been able to go to the river.

A great fishing hole here, already ready to go when the time is right.

That place looks nice! Can't beat a lazy river day with some grilled dogs! Man it was 107 here today in Phoenix. haha

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