A trip to the Casino

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A few us decided to hit the Chumash Casino and Resort off the East Highway 246 in Santa Ynez, CA‎. Definitely a 5 star resort but we didn't get a room, we were there only to play blackjack and the slot machines, have a few drinks and maybe get a bite to eat. Sounds good going into it until you start losing your money. I only lost $20.00 because I wasn't really in the mood to give away my coin. I bought a few drinks and had chicken fingers in one of the bars.

That's the beauty of places like this, you can go wine and dine and go 5 star, or you can do what I did and go for cheap, have a few drinks, take a couple shots on the slots, and hope someone with you hits a jackpot. I can't say that's ever happened in all my times playing slot machines at a casino, usually myself and my friends lose just a few dollars, rather than focus on the gambling, it's better to focus on having a good time. Jackpot!


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How big is gambling in the U.S?


Oh its huge in the USA but Australia is the biggest for gambling due to deregulation of the industry. I dont think the USA is even in the top 5 gambling countrys .

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Wow nice for a gambler! Gud luck.

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