A Relaxing Day on the River

in travel •  4 months ago


Took time today to hang out on the river. It's still warm outside but you can tell the seasons are changing. I wanted to make sure to make it out one last time in case it's my last chance. It got to be around 92 degrees. We had a cooler with us packed full of suds, and before we got to the river we stopped at a deli and picked up sandwiches. It was a fun day, the water was perfect, it was nice and hot outside and it was good to just relax in the sun. I may have gotten a little burned but it's okay. Aloe Vera is good for a sunburn, it's supposed to cool the skin so I'm probably going to give that a shot. When we got back to my friend's house, we grilled burgers and watched the rest of a college football game. Today was a pretty relaxed day, it felt nice to be out in the sun soaking it up. Need more days just like this.

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Will definitely be making river trips once the weather is warm again.

Sounds like one of the perfect days for you before the autumn.

Felicidades por ese día perfecto. Saludos

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Congratulation treyball for Relaxing Day on the River
please i gave u upvote u give me upvotepexels-photo-357189.jpeg