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RE: Eating beetles and bugs in Chiang Mai, Oh My!

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Hey there, nice one!
Chiang Mai is a great City, nice to see another fan!
The first time I tried insects in Peru I was pretty scared, but actually it´s not disgusting at all. Most times I tried insects I liked it, may sound a bit weird, but true.
I think the problem is that ´the eye also eats´.

Good luck to you!
I wanted to write an article about Iquitos in case you know it, otherwise have a look it´s a great place to visit.


I tried snake in Siem Reap, Cambodia... I'm not sure if snakes have bones, but it definitely felt like it! Before i did it, someone told me it tasted like chicken... it tastes nothing like chicken!!! As you can see from the 2nd pic, I wasn't impressed Hahaha



hahaha, never tried snake, so I can not really tell you :D But yeah you really do not look impressed by the taste :D

Lol, he looks like he was attacked by it instead.

Lol, yes, snakes are reptiles, they have bones! :PPP I think they even have a residue from the legs they lost in their vertebrae.

Hahaha! You made my day! 🤣

ohhh, i think i cant take it. I'd rather eat with salt as my viand rather than eating beetles and bugs. I tried before eating forest frog and it taste like chicken :)

absolutly true haha :) did you try alligator? I think it tastes like a mix between chicken and fish, but I liked it!

Mmm, I've never eaten tasted a reptile.


Why? What happens when you add salt?

Hmmm, I don't mind eating weird stuff, rationally....... but subconsciously I will reject everything. I wouldn't dare to eat an insect or a frog. Maybe snake.

Very cool. Any photos from Peru? I really want to visit South America soon. What do you recommend?

Yes lots of :) Oh I can recommend you places all over the continent :) I loved South America! just stay up with me and you will see them all with pictures.. I try to write every 2 days, hope I find the time.
It´s just way to much to put it here in one comment.
My favorite places in Peru for example are Iquitos and Huacachina, but Peru has soo much to see.
For a good round trip in South America you really need half an year.. and only if your flying..
:) cheers

I really want to visit there, I hope you provide a solution for me to be able to visit there.

Which places of those do you mean? You only have a small budget to spend? Then I have some good information for you ;)

@hitwill I recommend you come visit my country, Venezuela, we have beautiful beaches, waterfalls, forests, and its very cheap, if you come one day, call me, I have a hostel in the beach in a place called Choroni, and I also worked as tourist guide some years ago, people says tht its dangerous here, but its not if you know where to walk, and the secrets of the streets, but, it wouldn't be a problem to you, im convinced of that.

My country, my Nation, my life, Venezuela, you will like, i promess.

hitwill you are the best. i hope your post is very nice my dear friend

haha, bro when can I join you on your travels, I am happy to see you live life to the fullest, no wonder I could not get you on skype, bro chill more and more, let's move the world..

pukoma mandum nyan

Do you eat them cooked or raw? Is there a difference in the preparation between insects in Chiang Mai and in Perú?

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