Eating beetles and bugs in Chiang Mai, Oh My!

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Pete wore a wolfish grin as he offered the dead bug to Corine. "NO!" - She squealed as she backed away, warding him off like he was a vampire out for blood.

"Oh, come on!", he growled. "It can't be that bad! Here, let me show you." He said, throwing the insect into his mouth.

We could hear the crunch, crunch crunch then swallow. Corine had her hand over her mouth, looking like she would cry. I prayed she would, so I wouldn't be the only one in tears. "Ha! See? Easy!" He spat, what I think might have been a tiny leg. He slapped me on the back and held the bag of insects open for me. "Your turn! HA HA HA HA!"

Food markets in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a haven of good food. Every night, and morning, stalls open serving fruit, shakes, meat of every kind, sweets and drinks. Pete, however had found a stall that was both disturbing and fascinating. He waited for me to pick from what looked like beetles, grass-hoppers, silk worms and crickets - all laid out like a fruit salad of insects.

I picked a beetle (I think) and slid it into my mouth and chewed, and swallowed. It tasted bitter, and crunchy, and somewhat like nuts and chicken all at once. Why would anybody want this?

"HA!" Pete said, slapping my back again and shoving the bag in my face. "Have another one!". I sighed and picked a cricket this time. Between us, we ate the whole bag of insects. Some were interesting, others were bitter and some tasted like nuts.

Corine thought we were nuts...

Food Heaven

Chiang Mai has something for everyone, when it comes to food. Night markets spring in different parts of the city daily, and offer you an array of food the likes we had never seen before.

credit: breanna wilson

The flavours are distinct, the textures varied.

Chiang Mai is an amazing city to visit. Make sure you go through the night markets, and if you do find a stall with insects, do give it a try. You might be surprised how good it tastes.


you my friend is officially a "BUG MAN" a superhero that afraid of nothing

I wish I had his bravery to eat such things!

You eat bugs, bugs eat you. :-)


I've never eaten bugs. I'm curious. But they've had me for lunch and for dinner way too many times. I even avoid some locations because of how in pain I was when I left because of the little mosquitoes. I'm almost traumatized. :O

Ew gross, bugs haha. great content. You got an upvote from Luke Steemwalker @investing Follow me back



Hasdhasdhasdhashdhasdhasd damnnnnnnnn, so bad!

Ew! Wish I didn’t see that 🙈🙊

Hey there, nice one!
Chiang Mai is a great City, nice to see another fan!
The first time I tried insects in Peru I was pretty scared, but actually it´s not disgusting at all. Most times I tried insects I liked it, may sound a bit weird, but true.
I think the problem is that ´the eye also eats´.

Good luck to you!
I wanted to write an article about Iquitos in case you know it, otherwise have a look it´s a great place to visit.

I tried snake in Siem Reap, Cambodia... I'm not sure if snakes have bones, but it definitely felt like it! Before i did it, someone told me it tasted like chicken... it tastes nothing like chicken!!! As you can see from the 2nd pic, I wasn't impressed Hahaha



hahaha, never tried snake, so I can not really tell you :D But yeah you really do not look impressed by the taste :D

Lol, he looks like he was attacked by it instead.

Lol, yes, snakes are reptiles, they have bones! :PPP I think they even have a residue from the legs they lost in their vertebrae.

Hahaha! You made my day! 🤣

ohhh, i think i cant take it. I'd rather eat with salt as my viand rather than eating beetles and bugs. I tried before eating forest frog and it taste like chicken :)

absolutly true haha :) did you try alligator? I think it tastes like a mix between chicken and fish, but I liked it!

Mmm, I've never eaten tasted a reptile.


Why? What happens when you add salt?

Hmmm, I don't mind eating weird stuff, rationally....... but subconsciously I will reject everything. I wouldn't dare to eat an insect or a frog. Maybe snake.

Very cool. Any photos from Peru? I really want to visit South America soon. What do you recommend?

Yes lots of :) Oh I can recommend you places all over the continent :) I loved South America! just stay up with me and you will see them all with pictures.. I try to write every 2 days, hope I find the time.
It´s just way to much to put it here in one comment.
My favorite places in Peru for example are Iquitos and Huacachina, but Peru has soo much to see.
For a good round trip in South America you really need half an year.. and only if your flying..
:) cheers

I really want to visit there, I hope you provide a solution for me to be able to visit there.

Which places of those do you mean? You only have a small budget to spend? Then I have some good information for you ;)

@hitwill I recommend you come visit my country, Venezuela, we have beautiful beaches, waterfalls, forests, and its very cheap, if you come one day, call me, I have a hostel in the beach in a place called Choroni, and I also worked as tourist guide some years ago, people says tht its dangerous here, but its not if you know where to walk, and the secrets of the streets, but, it wouldn't be a problem to you, im convinced of that.

My country, my Nation, my life, Venezuela, you will like, i promess.

hitwill you are the best. i hope your post is very nice my dear friend

haha, bro when can I join you on your travels, I am happy to see you live life to the fullest, no wonder I could not get you on skype, bro chill more and more, let's move the world..

pukoma mandum nyan

Do you eat them cooked or raw? Is there a difference in the preparation between insects in Chiang Mai and in Perú?

looks nice~

No, it doesn't! Lol! I wouldn't bear to be there and try to eat that.

I'm sure they're loaded with vitamins and other goodies.

Yuck i hate insects. Absolutely right Chiang Mai is an amazing city to visit. Night markets offer the best shopping options in Chiang Mai. The range and diversity is excellent, and they're found dotted all over the city. If you're in town on weekend then you have even more options to choose from, with entire evenings spent browsing, shopping, snacking and soaking up the scene. Thanks for sharing your travel experience with us.

Fantastic - how long were you there for? It's an amazing place. Any other recommendations?

Apparently there were more nomads operating out of Canggu Bali than Chiang Mai, for the first time recently. You should check it out!

(Peter runs a bunch of nomad projects)

So many people here on Steemit are talking about Chiang Mai! :O Now I want to go.

Incredible, post, very colorful, the different types of food that can be found in this market is incredible, it is a place to visit, I will keep it in mind. I have heard that those who eat lobster are eating giant cockroaches because lobsters are said to be relatives of cockroaches. I really liked the post, greetings @hitwill.

That is an insane fact. I found a link here: Lobsters are the cockroaches of the sea

Wow!! Quite an amazing experience.
The thought of chewing beetles sent chills down my spine. 😂
Well, they're nutritious.
I love your stories @hitwill

Thanks for the encouragement! Will keep posting more - something about partying in Thailand next, I think.

thats so gross

thats seems gross. can you tell us where exactly did you find them? i am looking farward to that as i am planning to go there soon.

Chiang Mai sound and looks like a place where one has got to visit some day. But eating Beetle can't just bring myself to even think about it.

Haha!!! What are your favorite travel destinations, izge? Any recommendations or photos?

me I LOVE finland and morocco and australie and argentina





Hey @hitwill I have been waiting for a post of yours my Friend! Another out of this world post! Thank you VERY much for bringing Chiang Mai to the GREAT STEEMIT COMMUNITY! Brilliant and VERY cool pics! You are much more brave than me LOL! I will add Chiang Mai to my bucket list and you have my word. I will try the insects for you LOL! Insect smorgasbord LOL! I never saw an insect like buffet before LOL! It looks like everything flies in fresh LOL! Finger licking good LOL! Thanks again for all your support and making the STEEMIT COMMUNITY SO VERY GREAT AND SPECIAL! I'm VERY proudly resteeming, commenting, upvoting and following! You truly put a smile on my face! Your Devoted Friend @extraterrestrial :)

Thanks as usual, @extraterrestrial - what are some of your hobbies or wierd experiences during travel? Any pics?

My pleasure! One very weird experience is when I was in the Beautiful Bahamas and I was snorkeling. A HUGE sting ray swam inches underneath me! Something that I will never forget. Another weird experience is when our car broke down in an African Safari. That is an experience that you can't just make up LOL! I am VERY glad to still be on Planet Earth LOL! I am going to be working on a new post and it will be my pleasure to share some pics my Friend! All the VERY best! Positive Energy! Great Karma! Your Devoted Friend @extraterrestrial :)

You are not just a traveler!!! You amazed me with you courage to try new things . Beautifully written post and I felt your frustration to taste insect. You deserve a big thumbs up men.

Haha - open to trying new things!

You are definitely open-minded person. Normally I would say I'm open- minded too. But I don't think I could eat insect because of my insect phobia. I can't be near of them without shaking.

I would like to visit Chiang Mai one day... but I am sure I won't try to eat insect :) You are saying that "You might be surprised how good it tastes" and I really want to believe you but still something inside of me says "Ewww".
By the way I enjoyed with your post. I really.. :) Upvoted, Followed and also... hımmm, yes, resteemed! (Sorry for my followers, if this causes any damage to their eating habits :)
Peace and Hugs from Spain, bro.

LOL - it's not so bad. Some are gross and some are OK. But I still want to try scorpions

You must be really crazy! :)
May be you are right... is there any difference between eating chicken and eating insect? I don't think so. Also I love prawns but why I don't eat scorpions... Look, you are changing my mind.. :) Great to meet you. :)

this post is a big help! i am going to thailand in Songkran and we are too excited to try the food

Haha! Great! I haven't been to Songkran yet. What are you going to do there? What's special about Songran?

Songkran festival is to celebrate the Thai new year. It's in April and lasts a few days... people take to the streets to have water fights, celebrate and have fun.

Have you been to Songkran?

I haven't, but I cannot explain how badly I want to! Soon! :)

Songkran is their newyear and waterfestival. Afaik, its being celebrated for days. Lots of activities and events. We also have something like that in the Philippines.

Something to add to your memory :p

Insects are considered highly nutritional; the majority of them are rich in protein, healthy fats, iron, and calcium, and low in carbohydrates.

In fact, the authors of the FAO report claim that insects are just as - if not more - nutritious than commonly consumed meats, such as beef.

For example, 100 grams of cricket contains around 121 calories, 12.9 grams of protein, 5.5 grams of fat, and 5.1 grams of carbohydrates. While 100 grams of ground beef contains more protein - around 23.5 grams - it is also much higher in fat, containing around 21.2 grams.

"The low fat content of insects has led some researchers - such as those involved in the FAO report - to suggest that entomophagy may be an effective way to combat obesity and its related diseases"


Very true! We may scoff at them now, but possibly in 20 years, they may have replaced 'meat' - which is currently harming the environment because of our farming practices.

I am believing you man!
Are you feeling energetic now ?

Haha! I haven't had them for a while. But I am on a low carb diet (google Ketogenic diet) and it feels pretty good

Good to see you feeling Good :p
i'm searching internet, look what i found
"Currently, 2 billion people eat insects around the world, primarily in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, where the practice has a thousand-year precedent, according to a new report by the Food and Agriculture Organization released today. Worldwide, beetles, caterpillars, bees, wasps and ants are the most widely consumed species"

2 billion man, yes 2 people people are eating them :o

amazing, isn't it?

Much higher than I would have thought

yeah! It is shocking man!
you just gave me a reason to dig more about this topic.
Look what i found this time
Did you know that currently, scientists have classified 1,900 species of insects which are safe for consumption? Out of those 1,900 species, we have listed some for you.

Beetles. About thirty – one percent ( 31% ) of the 1,900 species, beetles or science name Coleoptera have been classified as safe for consumption insects.
Caterpillars. About eighteen percent ( 18% ) of the 1,900 species, Caterpillars or scientifically known as Lepidoptera have been classified as safe for consumption insects.
Bees, ants, and wasps. About fourteen percent ( 14% ) of the 1,900 species, bees, wasps, and ants or scientifically known as Hymenoptera
Locusts, crickets, and grasshoppers. About thirteen percent ( 13% ) of the 1,900 species, locusts, crickets and grasshoppers or also known with latin name Orthoptera have been classified as safe for consumption insects.
Scale insects and true bugs. About ten percent ( 10% ) of the 1,900 species, cicadas, leafhoppers, planthoppers, scale insects and true bugs or also known with latin name Hemiptera have been classified as safe for consumption insects.
Termites and dragonflies. About six percent (6 % ) of the 1,900 species, termites with science name Isoptera and dragonflies with science name Odonata have been classified as safe for consumption insects.
Flies. About two percent (2% ) of the 1,900 species, flies or also known with latin name Diptera have been classified as safe for consumption insects.
And the rest six percent (6%) are other orders and types of insects.


Want to know the benefits of eating insects?
I just found them, they are thrilling

I don't mind eating such rich foods. The only problem would be a trip to the toilet.

Lol. I had a few of those, actually :-/

If it moves they will fry it. lol

LOL - I think this is the Thai motto. But they are amazing cooks though.

It looked pretty disgusting. I tried Thailand for the first time. My friend insisted very much. It was not as bad as it looked, but I liked it. And the place is still in between. good explorations and journeys to you 😊

I think I will pass on the bugs. One of my buddies was there once and had fried worms. eeeeuw gross!

Yeah, we tried the worms as well. Silk worms were actually the most tolerable. They farm them in bamboo, then harvest and fry.

Wow! it's great! I loved your post, for the fact that I wanted to go to countries but like China just to try the scorpion, but I would never try the cockroach.

Hmmm... scorpion sounds interesting. I also heard china is where you get them. Cockroach, I am not sure I would try either :-p

It would be super to try it, oh if the cockroach is horrible

Nice bravery @hitwill. I'm inspired. I always had this negative subjection that Asian desire to eat Africans, but here you are alive and kicking sir. i think i'll go eats..

Haha - no one at us there - in fact, Asia is so under-rated right now. Many people go to Europ or North America to travel, but honestly, Asia, Africa, South America have many hidden gems to check out.

Asia is currently my favorite.

Wow @hitwill. I'm so inspired. I'm so glad I found you. If my life was all hunky spunky I would not have needed the fire of cryptos and would not even get to see your testimony. Thank you for your post stunnermayn. keep smashing homez. You're deep in the flow..

makes me think of that tv show bizarre foods where what one thinks is unusual is common in other cultures

Haha! an unusual but fun experience

Does it taste like chicken @hitwill? I can't imagine eating those insects, it looks scary! Haha

Almost like chicken, LOL. I couldn't eat it every day, though.

lmao! 😂

Haha at least you have tried it out... You can check "eating insects" on your bucket list now... Try eating frog too, it is an exotic delicacy here in the Philippines. I haven't tried it but they say that also taste like a chicken.

I guess I'll pass. That's not my cup of tea. I'm a vegetarian but I must say even when I still ate meat I probably still wouldn't eat it either.

LOL - i wonder if vegetarians can eat insects.

Nope. Not me. No sea food either. But others do eat sea food though

Did you really enjoy eating it? or it was just a challenge?

Honestly once you popped it into your mouth, it wasn't so bad. If someone had told you to close your eyes and eat what they gave you, you would have thought it was some kind of nut. The silk-worms were my favorite.

They are grown in bamboo then harvested and cooked. Surprisingly good with rice.

Oh really? you are just giving me a trauma man!


Don't laugh at me :p i'll eat you boy! :p

A gift For one travel Lover to Another <3
It's originally captured by me.
Do you like it @hitwill?

Thanks - where is this?

It is originally captured by me, I was in a park near my home, and I see this beautiful view and captured it.
It a city name Multan, pakistan

These two Gentle were the reason for me to there and capture this beautiful view.

Ah Pakistan - Nice.

yes, I must say Pakistan is one of the most beautiful Country in this whole world,
you must visit Pakistan,
It's a Heaven for travels like you, Sir!

I would love to try eating various bugs. With such a higher protein compared to beef, if the west learned to appreciate eating insects we could offer other animals better conditions to live in because we would be consuming less of them as a society.
Thanks for sharing your bug eating adventure with us! @hitwill

It looks disgusting but it is nutritious

Great city


Haha, It Sounds weird for me because I never experience eating beetles.

That's quite interesting. haha

We could hear the crunch, crunch crunch then swallow. Corine had her hand over her mouth, looking like she would cry. I prayed she would, so I wouldn't be the only one in tears

By the way, All of you look cool in the pictures. Chiang Mai seems to be a cool place.

Always keep unite and happy all of you. Best wishes from me.

LOL - it's a fantastic place to visit. But eating the bugs was a little strange for us. Thais are a wonderful people.

Glad to hear @hitwill.

From the picture, the place looks cool and I like to visit the place like Chiang Mai in the future because it looks like an engaging environment and a great community.

Best of luck.

What how they gonna take it? Insects? common, But i think you spend your time a lot on traveling. hope I can travel to that such place too.

They just fry them, I think. Some are not actually too bad, but you can not eat too many of them. Usually served with rice.


At first thank @hitwill for sharing your special moment with us. Your writing interesting words in this post and fascinating photography really impressed me. Keep posting dear... I am always with you. Keep eating insects..... hahahaha....

Hehe! Thanks for the support, @jareen61

Wow !!! mouth in your finger !!!!
Very interesting experience...Foods looking so delicious @hitwill
You are absolutely right Chiang Mai is an amazing city ..

It's a great place. Have you been to Thailand yet? What's your favorite place?

Right @hitwill , I am now stay in ko samui...
Phi Phi Islands is my favorite place ...
What is your favorite place ??

Wow, Samui - cool. I was in samui some months ago but not so many people there. I loved Phi Phi as well (one of my favorite). Koh Lanta was also pretty good.

To work and stay a long time, we really loved Chian Mai - really good people there, and great food.

I think, Koh Lanta is one of the beautiful and amazing place in the world.
Thailand has many place that was visited by me.....
Do you go Kanchanaburi @hitwill..?????
It is also an more pretty place....

My brother went, but I never got the chance. Do you have any photos from Thailand?

It's okay but don't miss this place....
Yes, But unfortunately I lost of my all photo( my laptop has been crushed )..last weak.
Do you have any photos from Phi Phi island @hitwill ???

@hitwill one thing that i forgotten
Brother One thing you like to travel around like me.????
Wow i have one photo that was in my phone :
In Koh-Lanta :::

Yes I do - I will post them soon in a blog! Good adventures there, and snorkelling too.

EEEEEEEEEE :P how you could eat them, Sir, :p
It looks weird to me :p
I heard some people talk about this, but never seen this :p
today you i got a view by coutesy of you sir!

Haha, have to try something at least once. Insects are actually easy to farm, a great source of protein, and cheap. Possibly what a lot of the developing world will be eating for nutrition.

Wow! Really ? are they really a Source of protein, thanks to adding new information to my tiny mind :p
Today you have posting something new, i was expecting a party post with friends :p

i want to add something :p
you are looking cool in the glasses btw :p

Haha! I will do a party post next time for travel

I do remember your last post, You are a beer man or i can say a party beer man,

I want to ask something, can i ?

Desperately waiting for it man!

Haha, I guess it can be fun to try out new food that you've never even seen before or something you would never think of eating. I would never consider eating insects, but who knows whay might happen! Life is a journey and you can't know where it will take you :)

They're not terrible, just strange the first time. ;-)

Amazing how You eat that bug. You seems to enjoy your travel, have a wonderful time

Lots of protein I guess

Wooow amazing Chiang Mai city to visit. Pervasive kuliener provides plenty of delicious tongue. Surely your visit extraordinary. I really like trying kuliener the city, but it's only in my dreams, because I have not been able to visit this place to enjoy the night market with its cuisine.
But honestly I am afraid the same insect.
Thank you to have shared a great posting @hitwill

Thanks. Where are you from? Any photos?

Equally @hitwill
I come from a country of Aceh, once in the year 2004 tsunami actions. I belong to victims of the tsunami. Thank you to have shared. I would like to share a story of a tsunami in my blog


Sorry if my English is a little messed up @hitwill

Haha! Super cool! I have not heard of Aceh before

Aceh-indonesia, the aceh 2004 year ago in a devastating tsunami, lyou our country to pieces, leaving only rubble remaining tsunami.
I often tell the story of the tsunami in aceh in my blog, but today I again enter the contest and the story I have not had time mempoating a new story. Thank you to be honest I couldn't reply to your kindness and good attitude. The God who will reward and I pray you always get lucky and healthy @hitwill
Thanks you so much

Aceh-indonesia, the aceh 2004 year ago in a devastating tsunami, lyou our country to pieces, leaving only rubble remaining tsunami.
I often tell the story of the tsunami in aceh in my blog, but today I again enter the contest and the story I have not had time mempoating a new story. Thank you to be honest I couldn't reply to your kindness and good attitude. The God who will reward and I pray you always get lucky and healthy @hitwill
Thanks you so much



This is the ACEH-INDONESIA ** ** fourteen years ago. Many of those fatalities.

Tsunami waves have been melenyabkan the city

wow, looks pretty devastating



It was the victim of a surge of sea water that is menghantantam our country fourteen years ago. We deeply grieve with this disaster @hitwill

Hi mr @hitwill
Let me introduce you
I am syile.
hope lord @hitwill happy with me and my son.
thank you sir @hitwill


Ha ha ha . Maybe its very tasty to eat! I try to eat this tasty food very soon. Enjoy your trip . Here is the today beauty...
Snap 2018-03-09 at 01.16.31.png

Congrats you made the #steemitminute for today!
Click the Image Below to see!

Yeah, that looks pretty gross

Wow, men you are an amazing person!!! I'm glad I found your blog. I'm interesting about new cultures and their life styles. By the way did you really eat them . Seems very interesting to follow you.

ewwwww how can a human eat that?

Pete is a savage lol... I could never stomach eating a bug!

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how do bugs taste like???