A Memorable Trip To Haridwar

in #travel3 years ago

Hey guys!

Recently I took a one day trip to Haridwar, which is an immensely significant place for Hindus. It is an ancient city in the Indian state of Uttarakhand and I was glad that I could take a day off to visit this place.

The significance of the city is multiplied thanks to the presence of the Holy river Ganges. In Haridwar, there are several sacred ghats (bathing steps) and Har Ki Pauri is the largest where people visit the most.

I am sharing here some of the photos from my trip and I am hoping you guys like the sights here that I captured.


i think yaha pe filmo me dekha hai log dubki lagaty hai

Too much rush...may be bcoz of summer vacation and all....good to bring india stuff on steem blockchain...steem on👍

Tumne nhi lgaai dubki?

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