Why You Should Spend a Vacation in Ghana - Journey of Black Americans

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Ghana is a unique place with lots of beautiful sceneries. I began my "Why You Should Spend a Vacation in Ghana" series just yesterday and had quite a good audience. This has prompted me to express more as to the things a traveller will enjoy when he or she visits this beautiful country with lovely culture and sceneries. If you skipped yesterdays article, you can still read it by visiting the link below: 

Why You Should Spend a Vacation in Ghana

One of the most famous castles in in the transatlantic slave trade dark is the Cape Coast Castle. Cape Coast is a town in the central region of Ghana popularly know for its transatlantic slave trade. Cape Coast Castle is a large whitewashed fort built by the Swedish in the 17th century. It was later used by the British as a holding prison for slaves. Inside, the Castle Museum has exhibits on pre-colonial local history, the slave trade and traditional crafts.

The dark ages of Ghanaian history sleeps in the chambers of the period of active slave trades. The details of the practice was brutal and nauseating as it brings about so much lost and sorrows. Yet one cannot destroy all these memories as it  reminds us of who we are. The Cape Coast castle was built by the Portuguese and later taken over by the Europeans after a 4 centuries struggle. Initially the forts were the centre of trading as they were perfect for gathering and transportation due to the nearness to shore. ![ghana_safari_tours__2015-07-02_14-22-46.jpg]()

As early as the 16th century, the new settlers had a change in commodity trade as there were much demand for slaves. As such, many people of the Gold Coast were rendered to mere 'animals' as they were captured, imprisoned, mutilated and traded for other commodities  till the 18th century when the colonial masters agreed to abolish this inhumane practice. In the 18th century, slave trade was at it (the British) lived .

() Dungeon where slaves were kept. There were no lights no windows and it was underground.

During the trade, up to 1000 males and 500 males were kept in captivity in the dungeons of pure darkness, no sunlight, very small water to drink and mostly no food to go by in a day. The smell of the dungeon alone as at now  can kill a fly how much more during the time the slaves were there. After the ban on slave trade, the castle went back to its normal (non human) trading activities and after which  it became an army training center. 

Nobody passes through this door and returns. Not even your dead body.

In 1957, after the independence of the country, the Cape Coast Castle became a property of the new Government and later transfered to Ghana Museums and Monuments Board. Since that time, the place has been renovated in order for it to serve as a tourist site for all to see and know the history of the world and that of the sufferings experience during the dark ages of the transatlantic slave trade.

This is a history you ought to visit Ghana to see as  you will learn more and love it at first hand. I believe every man needs to take a turn and look at what really transpired around that time. Upon all these hustles and bad histories, we have been able to make giant strides, work together and are developing together. I think its a great blessing as i already have some nice white friends who wouldnt accept me to even clean their shoes for them and neither will I. We all stand as equals and happy God bless the whole world for bringing us all together . 

I hope you enjoyed the history and the pictures. Will be taking another tourist site of attraction in Ghana very soon. You can afford to visit Ghana without going to theCape Coast Castle. **Upvote**, **follow** and **resteem** if you loved this piece. Its your boy @tj4real, *Self Imposed Steemit African Ambassador. Mad Lover of Steemit* Bringing steemit to Ghana. One person a Day. ![image]() #africa

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I would love one day to travel there.

Very informative thanks for the insight! Aloha Al

Very interesting historical journey you have through..... How cruelty face the civilization...The story of the "Door of No Return" it's so ruthless.... Human beings were chained and shaklled... It's a heart touching history..... . I just followed you... I am new here in this esteemed steemit platform.... I am also a Travel and photography blogger... Here I have some of my own experiences wanna be share with you..... https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@bluec/hello-steemitians-my-name-is-atin-and-i-m-excited-to-join-the-community-with-my-travel-kit
I think you liked it.... Have a nice weekend.....