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Welcome and greetings from Switzerland my Steemian friends! Hope you had a great weekend and took a rest because it's time to go full Steem ahead!

Today I will introduce you the people behind Explorio and their supporters. In case you missed my first post, I recommend you to have a look here: Introducing Explorio, the World's First Decentralized Travel Reviews Platform.

The core team behind Explorio consists of highly experienced and professional individuals. First to introduce is the CEO and Co-Founder Jacob Laukaitis. Jacob, is a serial online entrepreneur, who has been traveling the world for the last 4 years as a digital nomad. During that time, he co-founded a couple of successful online businesses (including a hotel booking platform Travel-Ticker that got acquired by HotelPlanner, and ChameleonJohn - a seven-figures online coupons website). He grew his YouTube travel channel to 230,000 subscribers and visited over 60 countries around the world. As a traveler, he knew the problems with TripAdvisor and Co. so that he came to the idea to build Explorio and deliver solutions.

The second Co-Founder, their CTO, Marijonas Petrauskas is a passionate blockchain enthusiast and algorithm expert who has spent the last three years as an infrastructure engineer at Uber. Before that, he was a site reliability engineer at Google and a kernel developer at Microsoft. Apart from being interested in all things tech, Marijonas also loves traveling, especially to off the beaten track destinations.

The official Team of Explorio

Ingvaras, their lead Blockchain developer, is a blockchain and AI enthusiast, and a budding digital nomad. He graduated in 2016 with a Master's degree from the University of Edinburgh where he studied AI and computer science. He has worked as a lead developer and architect of an online educational platform StudySmart. Later he joined Western Union where he spent over a year as a full stack developer before deciding to quit 9-5 workday lifestyle. Apart from tech and science, he enjoys traveling, learning languages and attending concerts.

For the full team visit the official Explorio webpage

Not only does Explorio has a great team, it also has a superb support from famous travel influencers, who have a combined following of millions of engaged travel fans across different social media platforms.

One of their biggest travel influencers is Alexey Lyakh. He is an entrepreneur and content creator based out of Vancouver, Canada. in 2012 he decided to forgo the corporate lifestyle in favor of making travel videos with his best friends, which he still does to this day on the YouTube channel High On Life. He is the founder of an Instagram media company with an audience over 20 million followers, as well as the founder of two online education brands - Jetsetterboss and IG Millions - which offer industry-leading intel on how to take advantage of the lucrative influencer economy and build the life of your dreams.

Since it is essential to not only have prominent travel influencers but also people with business expertise Explrio got some highly reputable advisors which are leading in their space.

One of these advisors is Ahmed Bhuiyan. Ahmed is a travel industry thought leader with over a decade of experience with major travel brands such as American Airlines and He has been featured in Forbes Magazine, The Washington Post and other major publications as a subject matter expert on travel trends, hotels, loyalty and points. Working both in the travel industry and as a consultant, he offers insights & analysis into the OTA industry and travel technology space for startups and investments firms such as Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Fidelity Investments, UBS Global and many others looking to invest in travel companies.

If you wish to know more about Explorio feel free to leave a comment or join their Telegram and Twitter @TeamExplorio
See you soon and Steem on!

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Glad to know about these wonderfully talented guys,
My best wishes are with them for their Explorio Project :)
Hopefully, it will guide many people around the world about traveling :)


I am happy to be part of Explorio. Our mission is to make traveling more exciting and enjoyable. Btw check out APPICS, also a blockchain-based solution for travelers that love to take pictures


I have participated in APPICS ICO phase C. and bought some XAP tokens, waiting for their lunch :) HOpefully, appics will revolutionize the world of travelers and photographers. you know what i'm very happy to talk to you, you are one of the founding member of APPICS too :)


@timsaid kindly reply me when you are planning Appics Launch ?


I think I will be a luxury way to travel smarter and better as well, amazing update Tim, I thought you were on a trip?


@timsaid can i get the link to Appics Telegram?

They all are very young and are very talented. They will surely achieve success and reputation as well. Good to see you are a part of it. :)


Visionary minds came together :)

All are excellent with their work..I do want to get success like jacob and some others...


Work hard, play hard. I am sure you will reach your dream when you work hard for them.

Steem on my friend

·,s my first appricience from any one..the first day the good got😊

This is wonderful to meet all these inspiring people and thank you @timsaid for doing a very good job introducing these awesome people to us.


We will have an Ask Me Anything and Interviews soon!


Wow. That sounds very interesting and fun.
Looking forward to it.

Awesome work.. this is the power of young generations...they are very kindness with there work and its seems to success. Really i'm inspired.
wish you best of luck together.
upvote sir

They are all lokking well. There hard work is appriciatable. I like to read about all persons.

You guys are doing great work, My best wishes are with you to get more success in life. Thank you sharing this wonderful project with us @timsaid

handwork always payoff!

A team of hard workers, i liked to read about their lead developer Ingvaras. He seems very talented person and I must say he is the backbone of this project. All other members are also having great profiles and qualifications. Wish them luck!


Every single person is talented. But only together, as a team we will be successful

The team is sure great and really looking forward to APPICS .Hope in the coming days it sure is going to be great !


APPICS will be amazing! we all can’t wait


That goes without saying :)

Thanks for sharing this great post

a great post @timsaid. I will like you. Learn me please

@timsaid I have some catching up to do lol Thanx for the info :D Best wishes to you always!

This is a really exciting project, possibly the most exciting thing I’ve seen since EOS. I can’t wait for it to go live.