Introducing Explorio, the World's First Decentralized Travel Reviews Platform

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Hello my Steemian friends and welcome back! This time I have something exciting to share with you!

Most of you know that I am totally into traveling and photography. I used to share my pictures on Facebook but stopped quite after I found out about Steemit. For the very first time, I had the feeling that my content is actually worth something. Despite the fact that we can earn with our own content I am overwhelmed by the amazing community and the exposure Steemit gives us.

Today I will proudly present you a new project in which I am involved as an advisor. Explorio is about to be the world's first decentralized travel reviews platform which rewards users for contributing and curating high-quality travel content.

Introduction video of Explorio

Similar to Steemit, Explorio wants to tackle the problem that content creators are not given the rewards they deserve. Travel review writers literally spend countless hours writing posts for platforms like TripAdvisor, Yelp etc. for nothing. In 2016, TripAdvisor made $1.4 billion in revenues and yet nothing went back to the users that give value to the plattform. With Exploriothis is about to change by rewarding its users with Explorio tokens.

If you have a look at the team you will see that it consists of highly reputable members. Their CEO, Jacob Laukaitis, is a serial online entrepreneur, who has been traveling the world for the last 4 years as a digital nomad. During that time, he co-founded a couple of successful online businesses (including a hotel booking platform Travel-Ticker that got acquired by HotelPlanner, and ChameleonJohn - a seven-figures online coupons website).

Furthermore, their CTO, Marijonas Petrauskas, is a passionate blockchain enthusiast and algorithm expert who has spent the last three years as an infrastructure engineer at Uber. Before that, he was a site reliability engineer at Google and a kernel developer at Microsoft.

Their advisors come from companies like Expedia, Google, etc.

If you want to know more about how Explorio wants to realize their project I recommend you to have a look at their whitepaper.

There is a Steemit exclusive pre-Sale currently in progress and the official ICO is targeted for July. To learn about how to participate, you can visit their website, join their Telegram or leave a comment.

The links leading to the presale in this post are affiliate. For reasons of transparency it should be stated that Explorio pays me a percentage of the amount generated through the affiliate link.


Ok, how it will compete with trip advisor. People don't always want to make money on everything. Can't image shuffling thos platform for valuable info let say about Naples and get often low quality whale content or flood of even weaker content from plankton. Lets make it clear. People will do anything (which not always equals for good) to earn money. Free for all just work fine for me, and prestige point or any exp equivalent is enough reward for this

People are free to post whatever they want, it's the same as Steemit or any other platform. However, the problem you stated is explained in the whitepaper under 3.2. Submitted content is peer-reviewed to verify reliability and published on the platform:

Content submissions are not published on the platform before their reliability is
confirmed by a distributed consensus of peer reviewers. Every submission must also
meet certain criteria:

  • It must refer to an actually existing place;
  • It must not contradict publicly known facts regarding the place;
  • It must be original (not plagiarized);
  • It must not include unsolicited advertising (spam);
  • It must not be slanderous or offensive

Woahhh this sounds like an amazing project! Would Explorio also be able to tackle the problem with fake reviews on these kinds of review platforms?

Not sure if you saw that video where some guy from Vice managed to get his "restaurant" to number 1 in London without even having a restaurant. Which really brings people to question the validity of these review websites (as much as I would love to trust them as it would just be so useful!)

Either way, Exploria sounds like it's gonna shake some things up - when can we expect to start contributing and getting involved?!

Hey buttpacker, thanks for your message! The problem you mentioned is widespread. Big corporations sitting on money simply buy their reviews. With Explorio however we will change things.

Submitted content is peer-reviewed to verify reliability and published on the platform. The content undergoes the process of peer review and, once approved by other travelers, is stored on the blockchain and subsequently rewarded by tokens.

Peer reviewers are chosen by prioritizing users who have reviewed places in close
proximity, thus maximizing the chances that they are able to accurately assess
content quality and reliability.

Users are incentivized to engage in peer review through Explorio Honor token (XPLH)
rewards, which are given out based on whether an individual reviewer’s decision
matches the majority’s decision (see section 5.1.: Explorio Honor tokens). This
helps ensure that all our content is unique, reliable, and does not infringe existing

More information is found in the whitepaper or join the telegram

Possibly you should advise them to use SMT ...
just saying ;-)

Moin my friend! Been a long time. If you have a look at their white paper, their goal is to use SMT

Moin, moin. True, it has been some time ;-)
It's good to hear, it is already in the whitepaper, still MORE advice to use it, would do no harm. Just to write down something in a whitepaper doesn't lead to that end (I heard about that at some point in the past)

Awesome breakthrough for traveller

This will be a great platform. Without any manipulation of data from buying useless stuff.

This could be a good news for travelling photographer too, they don't have to be in steemit to earn more about their experience on exploring the hidden paradise that doesn't offering you just great hotels.

I will definitely use explorio!

I liked, well done .. good work
Not for extravagance and greed
Thanks for sharing..

This looks really promising owing to the fact that the team members consist of individuals with a great wealth of experience.

About the affiliate stuff, I see nothing wrong from earning with introducing someone to a great thing like this. You are earning honestly.

Thanks for sharing this, I will definitely take a look

Thanks for your feedback. I let everyone know about the referral just to keep things more transparent. Potential investors should know every little detail. Furthermore the reason I joined explorio’s team is simply because they are experienced, have great idea and Jacob, their CEO, is a awesome person

I recently started to learn about ICO's so I'll take a look, thanks)

Always do a lot of research when it comes to ICOs. If you have any questions feel free to contact me

Right now I'm curious about Sentinel protocol and Egretia :)

Note to self, check this out when I get to reliable internet

Wow wow wow , this is amazing. I know there are lots of travelers but I never thought they could be rewarded this way . This amazing I must say . And the fact that they will be using SMTs makes it brilliant
Explorio, exploring the globe

That's great! Now you can put quality travel reviews and get rewarded for that.

The day suppressing your vision of travelling in the world and sharing that with people is over. Now you have the power to express yourself, travel anywhere you want and show who you are!

Thanks for the information. maybe I'll find out more about the platfom that 'he says' is about the same as steemit. I am very happy after finding this new information

Well sometimes you see a travel content with amazing and detailing images like you travel blog in Bali in India with those monkey photography and all, and one really think about this platform Explorio, it's initiative is really amazing, thank you for the update.

How about your trip to London?

Thanks for your feedback. I had an amazing time in London. Pictures will follow this week :)

I appreciate @Explorio platform.......Your ideas and very nice travel......Travel is one of my very favorite topics......We waste time with Facebook and become a shareholder of losses ... but we can earn through the stimme ............ This is a very good side for us.....

Shareholder of losses and Facebook. Interesting point of view

Looks pretty promising, interesting stuff.

this is Genius! another great post! Resteemed!

This concept would be great if it comes off. The white paper is pretty light on detail though and has extremely vague timelines etc. It is not clear when they intend to launch SBD their concept of launching to one country at a time is a bit confusing (is this 1 country can use it (complete reviews etc) or that anyone can use it to review places in one country etc).
I am also not clear what they want the $19m they propose to raise in the ICO for? Or how this is going to rise in value.
Certainly an interesting project and will be pretty cool if it comes off, but there are too many unanswered questions for me, so I’m thinking I’ll wait the 9 months(???) till launch and try and earn tokens rather than buying in.

That would be really awesome if the same level of revenue (1.4 billion) was reached like TripAdvisor. This could lead to people vacationing just to generate upvotes, views etc...

Very best plan.
I hoope this sucses.
Regards @jubagarang

That's amazing. Travelling doesn't come free, it comes at a certain cost. Of course you travel for yourself but the content from the travel must be rewarded.
It's really amazing if there is a platform for travel and rewards too. Absolutely great work

this is wonderful, innovation is life !! love this kind of ideas

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that's pretty cool to know.....

dear sir i appreciate your work keep it up thanks for sharing vote for me please

Great idea ! These kinds of projects are a wonderful implementation of blockchain technology, well done !

Keep up the good work !

There is much to be done. Giving the power back to the people

The links leading to the presale in this post are affiliate. For reasons of transparency it should be stated that Explorio pays me a percentage of the amount generated through the affiliate link.

That part got me laughing though.
The idea is a great one . Would local travels also be appreciated? For peeps like us who can't afford international travels like @timsaid.

Sure! You can write a review about your favorite pizza restaurant next door or maybe about the famous green park in your city? :)

Explorio is a major help for travel bloggers like me thanks for the update

this sounds very interesting, go ahead and do what you plan to do

Wow. Such great news. I am travelling always more often and I will deffinetly use Explorio both for reviewing and getting myself informed on my destinations. Thanks for the headsup!

Kah mangat that jai awak phote

Great initiative @timsaid.
Travelers will contribute their travel contents, photofraphys and sort. This way contents will be much more in-depth since the platform rewards their contributors, allowing them to spend extra time perfecting each individual review.

Quality will always go over quantity

Always has and will always be

Wow, it's an amazing idea, This is how we grow sir!
keep sharing news like this.

We have so much information to share from our over 8 years of traveling but we refused to do so on Tripadvisor. So we're happy to learn about Explorio.

Glad Explorio will give you the platform you were looking for

That's great man, a platform for travellers.

If they use and SMT do you think they will airdrop some of the tokens to STEEM holders? I think it's in their interests to get a wide distribution

Yay! Finally! 💕

Thanks ,interesting staff dude !gj

very nice brother

This sounds exciting and it will help the travelling community to share their experiences, to learn, to get rewarded and continue the journey! But if it is based on the blockchain, how is it going to work with editing? And I really hope it is not going to become as corrupt as Steemit.

Hey, if you check the top comment under this post or the whitepaper it is stated how we deal with fake reviews etc.

Submitted content is peer-reviewed to verify reliability and published on the platform. The content undergoes the process of peer review and, once approved by other travelers, is stored on the blockchain and subsequently rewarded by tokens.

@timsaid This is awesome and I'm super happy for you! Can't wait to check out explorio :) Best wishes to you always.

@timsaid This is awesome and I'm super happy for you! Can't wait to check out explorio :) Best wishes to you always.

I'm really glad to hear about this project. As a traveler myself, I find this new Explorio platform very promising. Although, I'm a little disappointed, that I'll have to wait for quite some time till I'll get a chance to try it out myself, since I'm living in a country that will probably wont be selected until it goes worldwide. However, I'm once again pleased to hear about Explorio. It will definitely help not only authors, but readers also.

Good job! Keep it up!;)

Hello my dear friend, I really enjoy from your post. I recently joined to steem and saw your posts. i like art, science, adventure and photography like you. I upvoted and follow you, If you like, please see my posts to support each other because i need to your help for being successful. thanks for sharing useful and beautiful post. have good time.

Que bueno que el mundo de las criptomonedas se haya abierto así, es increíble ver cómo aparecen plataformas de una y de otra cosa. Es espectacular para los fotógrafos y los amantes a los viajes, aquí podrán descargar toda su información en un sólo lugar. Muchas felicidades por sus logros y muchos éxitos @timsaid

It's a great idea and the website and whitepaper look professional at a glance. From what I gather you haven't decided which blockchain to launch on yet? I think STEEM and EOS are the only two really options as they are feeless

The platform that fits best will be chosen in the end

This is actually awesome, it will incentivize people to post more reviews as there will be a reward to it. I work as a flight attendant and travel the world and I'm always looking for info, if Explorio makes it I'm sure there will be quality info to find. Im now joining the telegram group and will look out for the ICO!

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