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Last Resting Place-Almost.

I have often practiced navigation in rural cemeteries in upstate New York; among the largest are Albany Rural Cemetery in Albany, and Oakwood Cemetery in Troy. This however was taken at Rennselaer Rural Cemetery on April 16, 2017; a much smaller cemetery with far less resplendent monuments. It did however have the ruins of an impressive crypt on its Southern edge and I went over to take a look.

It had the remnants of several large stone shelves partially attached to the remaining walls; these indicate it was actually a burial vault where those deceased who passed on during the winter were stored until the ground was soft enough to be dug by hand. The practice still continues in some places although heavy machinery has mostly eliminated the necessity to wait until Spring.

(please click on the photo for a larger image)

To my Steemit explorer friends,

I have probably taken over a million photographs of the natural world since childhood; this is a daily series of some of those I most treasure.

Where They are From

  1. Many are from an organic orchard that I created on the hill above my home. When you are raising trees from saplings you are out in all weather at all hours and see remarkable things.

  2. Some are from my art studio and my efforts there- especially those on behalf of the Tibetan people.

  3. Still others are from my wanderings in the wilderness with compass and map my companions. Many are featured from posts I have created here on Steemit and I will link to those whenever possible if you wish to read more of the how, when and where.

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*This photo was taken with the Canon EOS 70D, 18-55 mm lens

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why it is only a ruin?
i have never enter any christian cemetary, what building that is

tempat nyimpen jenazahnya mas, nunggu musim spring (tauk lupa terjemahannya ha..ha.) baru dikuburkan soalnya kalau musim dingin dulu tanahnya keras. :)

Tempat nyimpen jenazah ? Kuburan gitu ya om ?

kayaknya sih tempat penampungan sementara, baru habis musim spring baru dikubur... kalau musim dingin tanahnya keras

Oh ini buat nyimpen jenazah ya ,,, kirain istana raja.

I am not sure. I think because it is no longer used and was expensive to maintain. Many small upstate NY communities are losing inhabitants as the younger generation moves away. As a result,their small rural cemeteries lack the funds to maintain the grounds. This cemetery was quite small and although cared for may not have had enough money to maintain the burial vault.

Where's my brother?
How are you !
I hope you are alright :)

I did get a lot of cool pics which make all that climbing worth it! :)

@throughmyeyes thank you sir to be back in steemit once again, a very nice and cool one.

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Thanks my friend glad to be back! :) My hiking and climbing schedule has been hectic so it has been hard to sit down and think about things; I will look into your suggestion soon...

It's been a while #throughmyeyes
Hope everything good ?

Sure my friend! :) It has been awhile; I have been training and traveling in the wilderness.

Aww ..welcome back... how Is the training hopefully it's not that difficulty for u ?

Once again a good pic by @throughmyeyes

Thank you my friend! :)

This is very good work. This helps others too.

Thank you my friend @ahlawat! :)

Where's my brother?
How are you !
I hope you are alright :)

Alls well. Just climbing in the mountains my friend :) No reception of any kind there...

Hi! Just noticed you stopping by on my blog.
Thank you so much. I am leaving you a follow and an upvote ( even it does not seemt to have much affect lol)
Cheers mate

Thank you very much @bitfixer999! :)

It amazes to know that in past time, had to wait spring season could dig for funeral. Nice posting :)

Isn't that something? Actually some cemeteries upstate still do although families have tried to discourage the practice.

What place it is ? It is great place.

Oh it is called the Rennselaer Rural Cemetery. Yes the workmanship is amazing!

Nice pic ,,, great place.

Thanks my friend! :) Yes quite interesting.

Is this a tourist attraction that people come to discover?

Well no actually. It isn't really large enough. Actually they have what are called "Posted Signs" which tell you not to enter the building. I was able to move around the building taking the pictures from different angles on the outside though.

You can rest me there, in fact everywhere.
Nice photo of that part of the cemetery.

Yes it is a peaceful place for anyone. Thanks my friend @cryptopie!

its a very nice pic and very well taken snap but why its heading is written mysterious landscapes @throughmyeyes.

Anyway I really like this pic.

Hi my friend! :) It is called that because these are pictures of my world that create a sense of wonder and curiosity in me. There is mystery in the everyday and in the journey if you observe with a curious mind I think.

You hardly post nowadays, must be busy prepping for your next adventures..

Oh yes. On them too. No good cell or web reception where I have been! :)