HOW I FILLED MY PASSPORT IN 2 YEARS | DTube Daily Exclusive 13

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In this video I want to explain how I've travelled so much over the last 3 years that I have filled one passport and already on to my second.

I've now been to 60 countries across 5 continents and no plans on slowing down, all because I decided to take the leap and start working online while travelling.

I'll be sharing these lessons across my channel, showing other people how they can do this too.

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Thanks for your Information to all.

Thank you for watching!

You are most welcome. Can you share your steemit knowledge for the beginners like me.
I wanna improve my self on steemit.

Godspeed! You're cool! I respect such people! I also think that you need to have fun!

Thanks for the support. I agree, life is about living!

Damn you have a lot more stamps than me lol probably more than Laura and me combined :O well done!

Haha cheers, lots from asia mainly!

Yuhuuuuuuu more to go!!!😊

Philippines and Japan next!

My passport is slowly filling up 😍

I'm not planning on doing this but feel like it's polite to reply... so thanks :D