Life Through My Lens #1 - Discover Syros: The Secret Greek Island

in #travel4 years ago (edited)

Each week I'll be sharing one of my favourite videos from my travels so far!


The first one is from my recent trip to Syros, Greece. It was an island I knew nothing about until I got there and I think most people may never have heard of, but it's actually the capital of the Cyclades (fun fact).

I was invited there as part of the #DiscoverSyros campaign to promote the island and put together this video. You can learn more about it in this Steemit post!

Anyway here's the video - Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for reading, if you have any feedback or suggestions please leave them in the comments below!

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I just remember Syros for being a stopover on the road to Mykonos :) Your pics and video show there is more to it, and I wish I could go back in time and jump ashore :)

I think that's how most people see it.. from the ferry! That being said I loved Mykonos too.

Great post I will definitely follow @thelifeofjord I love Travel also, If you are looking for some travel inspiration I offer a Travel Bucket List series, follow back and stay in touch!

Thanks, just followed back. Always happy to connect with other like minded people :)

Great post @thelifeofjord I enjoyed the video that added to the context too. Octopus on the head?

haha just a local guy I stumbled upon, he caught it first then wore it :O I'll put the full footage in the vlog when I get around to editing it!

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Very cool stuff. It looks like an awesome spot!

Thanks, it was a great few days there!

It's looks very beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

You're welcome - thanks for watching!

Great video with some really nice effects. The birds were sweet. @thelifeofjord Syros looks like a lovely place.
I may give the Greek islands a visit.

Thanks for the feedback! I worked hard on the transitions in this one so I appreciate the appreciation :)

Just subbed to you on the tubes. Watching your first trip to Athens right now lol
I'm planning a euro tour so looking for some good locations.
I can see you put a lot of work into your video content. Nicely done.

The videos make me want to visit. Absolutely stunning. Looks like the aerial shots are from a drone cam. Good job. Keep steeming.

Yep they were from a DJI Phantom 4 :) Thanks for watching!

I thought as much. DJI makes the best of 'em.

There is a very beautiful beach and very beautiful girls.
The video is perfect.

Thanks and I agree with both ;)

That video production! on point. It looks such an amazing place to visit and have some relaxing holidays! :D

Thanks Sergio! It was a great spot for a few days of chill!

kind of jealous now LOL :D But maybe next here I will go there ehehhe

Look lovely. The lady in the photo looks very nice too :) I've been to Crete and Corfu and those were stunning.

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Beautiful video. The Greek Ministry of Tourism should use it. :)

Thanks - would love them to!

Thank you for the post! I still haven't visited Greece but I would love to go!

Beautiful locations ! Nice vedio my friend 😍 !!
Upvoted !!!👍

Thanks Akkha! Appreciate the kind words :)

Wow . Someday i will . haha

Wow, that's a really good video! It seems perfectly timed with the music. And the island looks gorgeous, I would love to go sailing from Island to Island in Greece some time and then I could visit this island as well. I read the earlier post and did I understand correctly that your mother was from this island? I look forward to seeing the other videos of your travels! :)

Hi there! The earlier post was from another Steemit user @travelinggreek and her mother is from there :) We were on the trip together!

Aah, okay! I missed that part, thought it was your post :)

have nice trip.
awesome pic.

Great video, I really like the effect at 1:05

Pretty wicked stuff....nuff respect!!

Scenic place. Glad to know about Syros and it doesn't look crowded. Great video and wonderful drone shots :)

In future posts, you can share about your travel gears.

Thanks for this, I used to travelwrite and visited this place long before my travels began. Untouched by tourism it was a very different place back then. I believe in the latter years young Greeks are re-discovering their heritage and many have gone back to the islands of their descendents to rebuild old properties. Some of the properties on Syros were even then gorgeous, so thanks again. Build you - Build me! Happy Steeming.

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