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It's another flashback Friday and this time the video is from Bucharest, Romania!

In this video I went on another adventure with Showaround.com!

The place we went to first is called Comana Park - beautiful scenery and something alternative to do near Bucharest.

Next up were just some of the many rooftop bars in the city. I'll definitely be exploring more when we go back in the summer!

Check out Showaround here - http://shwr.co/Bucharest-locals

Thanks for watching,

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Hey Jordan, cool vid. its a great way to get around with a local, they know spots you'll never find in a guide.

Huh, cool city, actually I was only in Bucharest passing in through on road to Croatia. Maybe it should be some next destination?

I hope your trip will go well and you will meet great peps there! :)

Hey man ! I enjoyed your vlog from Bucharest.
I'm living here and I've actually never been to that park .
Also.. wtg on choosing your guide.. Luana seemed extremely fun to be around. (Well I guess 15E/hour is not cheap lol )

Looks great!
Love your videos. Don't stop uploading and see you in next posts!

Greetings from Croatia.
Diano & Maya

Nice one. Romania is on bucket list

I am visiting Budapest in few weeks :)

Great stuff! What are you using to shoot your video? Bucharest is an amazing place. Thanks for sharing.

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