Travel Hack #2: How To Combat Jet Lag

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The whole video is transcribed below: Hi guys! Today I am in Vancouver and that’s the magazine that’s on my table. I am at the Pan Pacific Hotel. It’s Monday and I’m flying home today to Las Vegas and then on Wednesday, I’m flying to England. So I’ll leave Wednesday at 10 am but I’ll land in England at 6:40 am on Thursday morning.

I have a little hack and it’s my secret weapon for fighting jet lag. It’s a simple holistic thing it’s called “Sleep Support Spray.” And what this does, it’s just 3 sprays in your mouth and it’s a natural melatonin. You just hold it in your mouth, it’s all natural and it’s good for your immune system but what it really does, it actually resets your circadian rhythm.

So, a lot of times I’ll get on a plane with this, I always carry this and it’s like 13 bucks for the bottle. I carry it onto the plane and it’s 2 ounces so it fits perfectly in my bag that they allow the liquids in so I always carry this on the plane with me. And I’ll do a few sprays on the plane so I actually sleep on the plane on the way to England and when I get into England on Thursday at 6:40 am, I stay up as long as I can and then I use the sleep spray again and I go to bed that night. And I’m like, reset, just like that!

So my travel schedule is super hectic and this is my secret weapon for fighting jet lag. I rarely get jet lag, but once in a while, it will kick my butt, but very rarely. I’m jumping time zones all the time so, this is my secret time zone jumping weapon. Hope you guys having a great day! I’ll talk to you soon. Bye!

To find out more about sleep spray, feel free to contact me personally, or go to Sleep Spray and Brain Support

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Congratulations. Keep putting up your awesome videos. You are really gaining momentum. So excited for you 2.

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Thanks @steemcafe. So excited!! I was stunned when I looked at this post later! First time for me getting a good up vote! I'm dancing over here in England right now!!

Glad for you!! I had a similar experience with a video that made over 30 bucks a couple of weeks ago. When it's the first time it's awesome, isn't it? :)

Yes!! I literally almost fell off my chair. For the first time, I thought, this might be a fun ride!! I think this steemit thing has potential!! Yaaa dtube!!

Yesss, I'm totally convinced of it's potential (along with Dtube)... That's why I keep on posting consistently. But also I try to make honest posts, not just for the sake of the money but because I enjoy making video vlogs, photography and writing... And it's amazing I can share them all here :) All the best for you, keep it up!

Nice one... Congrats on this! Luckily I just need to sit down in that airplane and all I do is sleeping :D

Congratulation mam....... Nice post thanks for shearing

Congratulation thehoneys! Your post has appeared on the hot page after 55min with 7 votes.


Wow very nice explain the magazine

The magazine was just on my table in my hotel room. I was in Vancouver, just showing you where I was at! It was a magazine that told different things to do in Vancouver. It was gorgeous! Next video will be in England, where I'm at right now. :).

I love this Tip. 😃
The Sleep Spray has definitely been a game changer for me. 🤩
Whether traveling or not it has helped me in various ways, SLEEP being one of the 5 key elements of health. 😃

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