Thanks @steemcafe. So excited!! I was stunned when I looked at this post later! First time for me getting a good up vote! I'm dancing over here in England right now!!

Glad for you!! I had a similar experience with a video that made over 30 bucks a couple of weeks ago. When it's the first time it's awesome, isn't it? :)

Yes!! I literally almost fell off my chair. For the first time, I thought, this might be a fun ride!! I think this steemit thing has potential!! Yaaa dtube!!

Yesss, I'm totally convinced of it's potential (along with Dtube)... That's why I keep on posting consistently. But also I try to make honest posts, not just for the sake of the money but because I enjoy making video vlogs, photography and writing... And it's amazing I can share them all here :) All the best for you, keep it up!

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