Lovely dune landscape with a bunker museum (Holidays @ Wijk aan Zee Part 2)

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A wide dune landscape full of beautiful nature. Walking in this area feels a bit strange like on another planet but the atmosphere is absolutely stunning.
The view of the bunkers, dunes and the ocean was stunning from a higher standpoint! As you can see it was pretty windy there.

Hi Steemians,

in the small town Wijk aan Zee in the Netherlands is much more to do and to explore than the beach. If you like to get some information about the beach please consider reading part 1 of my holiday report as well:
-> Huge and beautiful beach in the Netherlands (Holidays @ Wijk aan Zee Part 1).

We made the one or another hiking trip into the dunes and discovered strange landscapes and plants. The view was exceptional! This all was topped by some remained, old Nazi bunkers which are scattered around the countryside. Sometimes it felt like walking through an apocalyptic film, but more beautiful :)

This "bunker museum" is publicly accessible and you can explore most of the buildings by yourself. Here the first impression you'll get when you walk towards the bunker area:

"Radar bunker"

The first bunker in this area is called "Entgiftungsraum" or "detoxification room" in english. If you Strg+click the image you'll get a larger version.

Every building is very narrow:

Stairs leading to a small lookout

You can walk though trenches from bunker to bunker. This area has its own special atmosphere.

After a short time you'll see the next big block of concrete. The text on the wall says something like

"Reich property
do not besmear"

It was nearly impossible to take good pictures from the inside of the buildings because it's so narrow. I hope only small soldiers needed to "work" there.

Happy to be outside again

After our walk through the World-War-II-landscape we made rest on a hill and enjoyed the atmosphere (and some beers :D ). Here a last photo from the dunes behind the bunkers:

The best part was: If we had enough of walking and the wind we only needed some minutes to walk across the dunes to the beach. But for the next time I need to remember not to wear shorts because marram grass can be very sharp ;)

Overall it was a pretty exciting trip and we went there several times. It is very convenient that you can reach every place in Wijk aan Zee within a 30 minutes walk.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please leave your questions and feedback in the comments!

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Great post! What an interesting place.

Yes it really is very interesting. Very solid buildings. What people can do for war... If all this energy and effort flow in a different direction we could achieve a lot.

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