Huge and beautiful beach in the Netherlands (Holidays @ Wijk aan Zee Part 1)

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A huge beach with white, fine silk-soft sand, bars, nice people and enough space if you want to be alone. We had an amazing holiday in a small dutch village.

Hi Steemians,

after some time I continue writing articles on this platform. I needed some time to work, travel and to wait for some inspiration and motivation for new posts. Well... there it is - the motivation! You are reading the results right now :)

Recently we traveled to a small village in the Netherlands which is called "Wijk aan Zee". This holiday destination is some kind of insider tip if you want beach, ocean, stunning nature and tranquility. Most people there are living nearby or are locals from the surrounding big cities.

We had nice weather, 20-24°C and no rain. So it was possible to lay on the beach and relax or to go for a walk and enjoy the feeling of sand under your feet or the water on your ankles. Swimming was possible of course, but the water was very fresh so it was more a fight for survival than a relaxed splashing ;-)

A nice, long walk at the beach

If you like you can be virtually alone at the beach. You only need to walk 20-30 minutes in one direction and there are almost no people there. I made a picture from our mat and wind shelter so you can see how much room you can have if you want to. No comparison with some of the beach areas at tourist destination like Mallorca.

Our camp and a lot of space

As you can imagine, clothes are not necessary all the time. There are only a few people around and aside from that, nobody cares :)

Nice spot in the sand dunes

But of course, from time to time other people are welcome. Especially if they serve delicious drinks :D Here we drank a nice craft beer from Belgium. There is a an area with bars and restaurants so you can meet other people and enjoy some drinks or tasty Dutch chips!

Another bonus: We got enough space to play some matches of "Kubb". The flat sand was the ideal surface for this game. As you can imaging we had a lot of fun and many people stopped by to ask questions about the rules. Everyone was relaxed, open and friendly and we loved to explain "the chess of the vikings" :)

We spend some time every day on this beautiful beach. It doesn't matter in which direction you look, there is always more beach! We let our eyes wander over every inch to take up as much of the beauty as possible.

As far as the eye can see: water and sand

Although the beach was that enjoyable we've done a lot more things in this holiday. So stay tuned for the upcoming posts and pictures!

I hope you enjoyed these impressions. Please leave a comment with your opinion of this beach. Do you now other exceptional beaches?

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Beautiful beach, @thecoach. Love that you can order and drink good beer right there on the beach!

My youngest is living in France these days and is on her way up to Normandy this weekend. I expect that that is also a beautiful stretch of strand, as well... Cheers!

The beer tastes a lot better with feet in the sand! I can imagine that there are nice beaches in France too. I never visited the Normandy but there is a very beautiful strand in the south at a small town called "Hendaye". I'm interested in some pictures of the Normandy :)

Beautiful pictures and Guess what the beach just spoke to me thru the pictures and it said be Shore of yourself, come outside of your shell and take time to coast, avoid peer pressure . See life's beauty and most importantly don't get tide down lol

Yeah! This trip showed let me appreciate the beauty of nature even more. Everytime I look at these pictures I feel sand between my toes :)
Thanks for your comment @dreamchasser.

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