Building A Life You Don’t Need A Vacation From

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Building A Life You Don’t Need A Vacation From


I’ve been having ongoing conversations with friends and family who are very concerned that I will be leaving the conventional life behind and not living in one location paying rent or owning something. I will be 100% mobile 365 days a year, Christmas, New Years, all of it and in any weather 24/7.

This is the next step for me in a life that has been intentionally built with the purpose of not wanting or needing a vacation from. As some of you know, my ‘job’ if you can call it that is entertaining for a living. I sing and play for money. I have built a music career that allows me to be semi-retired (more retired than semi) and only play 15 to 20 shows a month. They are one hour performances mostly and I often book myself twice on the same day so I have more time off to do all the things that interest me. You can check out my website at and catch me on the radio across Canada as Michael Arthur.

Do Not Do As I Do

For a lot of people this mobile, nomadic life is simply not for them. They work in one location and need to travel back and forth to work. For me though, my work is wherever I am. I can, in fact, make more money by being mobile than living in one place. Being flexible with my travel affords me the ability to play many places much farther than I currently play now due to the actual necessity of coming back to a fixed home base. I’m not travelling 6 hours to make 400 bucks to give half of it away in hotels and meals out. But, if my home is with me as with the proverbial turtle, well, that’s a whole nuther song on the jukebox ain’t it now.

I’ll check in with ya soon,
Follow my heart, and follow yours.


I'm glad to hear that you are still moving ahead with this! It makes perfect sense and I think you will be much happier in the long run! 😊

That photo you used with your post is breathtaking! Wow! 💖

Thanks Kitty! :) Yes I'm really looking forward to being a little more footloose and fancy free. Cool adventure! How is your autumn turning out?

Another thing to consider is how much cheaper it is to live outside of the "West".

Many countries with good services where you can live comfortably for $6000/year..

You could write Steemit articles from a beach somewhere ...

I'm stuck in Canada brother as far as living goes. Not too many tropical places wanna hear a chubby bald country boy bangin out Alan Jackson, Alabama and Garth Brooks. Mind you the westerners sure loved the set I played in Cuba and I didn't get jailed for it lol. I'll for sure do more travel blogs though.

One of my reasons for getting out from under the western mentality for bills/services and basically getting nickeled, dimed and dollared to death is so I can travel to more places around the globe.

Thanks for stopping in Mike.

It is a life Scott and i want for ourselves someday. We just have to figure out how to make that work. Good luck to you.

I love being on the road and I know you know what it's like. Stay different!! Don't let this world tame that heart of yours Ren!!! Much love! Preciate ya'll (Still needing Scott's EDC, don't make me beam him up lol)

Oh man that sounds awesome on paper for sure! I have worked myself into a family and stuff but am working myself back out. I call it underemployed because it is challenging financially but man do I love the freedom.

Just need a big chunk so I can get myself a cottage and then I am set!

You follow @davedickeyyall right? Just a gypsy on an adventure and he is singing the same song. Plus he is funny as shit.

That's cool Z! Yah I like the recreational property idea too but just the land and a shack or two just under the 'need a permit' limit so I pay no property tax hardly and drive on and off the property as I wish. That's where I'm going to put my money one day if it all works out for me. Something nice on the water like Lake Simcoe where I grew up or such.

Don't know Dave but gave him a follow and will check him out. Thanks!

Wow bug you are going nomadic, thats wonderful I had no idea. I hope you are going to consider doing videos of your travels, there are a few nomads that I follow and watch with great interest I would love to be able to add you to that list.

Hey hey Crazy, nice to hear from you. You alive! Yes I am definitely going to run a YouTube channel for my travel stuff. I'm looking forward to that a lot. I have it all mostly set up and I have spent a long time adjusting my expectations to nearly zero lol. We'll see what happens. I certainly don't have any monetization dreams for sure LOL. How've you been, what you been up to? Did I see the word renovation?

Thats right I was MIA while we were working on the house I did a blog post about it where I kind of did a before and after video so you can see all the changes that have been happening.

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I'm pretty envious of your soon-to-be free state of living... It's something that appeals to me at some level, even though practically I know I probably wouldn't enjoy it too much ... Or at least, I'd start to get tired of it pretty quickly. And of course, income would be an issue.

Though it would depend a lot on the nature of my mobile home... If I had a comfortable caravan pulled by a comfortable vehicle of some sort, it would be pretty awesome... And as long as my internet connection never failed me =)

A warm home for all Steemians. Join us =) We have apples and cookies!

A whole nuther song, for sure bro.

Oh yes :D I can hear it now lol. I'll keep ya posted.

howdy from Texas sir thebugiq! wow so you don't own a home or live in an apartment or you are getting ready to not live in a home?
For you as a musician that makes total sense until you want to settle down in one place.

Yes Janton, I'm leaving the house I've rented for 6 years and will be on the road full time for as long as I enjoy it. I've done a lot of settling down in the past, maybe all I can stand for this life lol

lol. wow ok sir thebugiq well that should make for some dang entertaining and interesting videos then, I salute you for the bold decision and I think it's going to work out well but you'll have a van or something, motor home or something to live in? Because I think you said you didn't want to spend money on hotels?

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