Travel #25 | 6 Travelers Sins At The Sea

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Vacation to the beach is a favorite activity. Before go to swim or snorkeling on the beach, there are 5 sins that you should avoid.

@teuku.reza posted an event of his vacation in Gorontalo. Snorkeling up the starfish is one of the mistakes often made by a traveler.

In order to further love the sea and still maintain its sustainability, @teuku.reza, summarizes the 5 actions that are often done by the traveler while on vacation at the beach:

1. Touch The Sea Rocks

Touching the reef is the most extreme sin that a traveler can do at sea. Although tough, corals are animals that are also fragile to the touch especially when it comes to stepping on.

Coral can only grow less than 1 cm per year. If broken and scratched, corals can get sick and kill one area of ​​coral reefs. So please don't get touched!

2. Lifting Sea Life

The act of lifting the biota off the surface is now increasingly common. This is because the need to show off holiday photos in Social Media.

Whereas lifting the marine biota, animals and plants out of the water can disturb them. Exposure to the air for too long can make them stress and die.

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3. Dispose Of Garbage

Plastic waste is the enemy of the oceans. In addition to polluting the sea, garbage also makes marine life sick and die because somepeople thing jellyfish is rightfood and eat it.

While on board it is good to collect the garbage and throw it away on the ground. Your garbage can kill an entire ocean!

4. Bring Home The Sand

Traveling to various beaches in Indonesia is fun. No doubt, some people began to bring the sand as an eye sign.

In fact, bringing home sea sand is also a prohibited act. Because this is contrary to nature conservation activities.

5. Feed The Fish

Snorkeling is now a popular beach activity. In addition to swimming with fish, many tour operators who facilitate their guests with fish feeding activities.

Though this activity is strictly forbidden to anyone. These fish are on average fishing with fish put into bottles. Whereas the content of glucose in the rice can kill the fish.

6. Wear Sunblock

Sunblock become the stuff that closely with the life of the beach. Because the amount of exposure to sunlight can produce dull skin and even damaged.

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But when you want to snorkel or diving it's good not to use sun block. Because the content of sunblock in large quantities can poison the fish and make coral bleaching even dead.

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Most people are guilty of No.3. Most of the waste material are disposed into water bodies.

This is a nice piece!

It is true. number 3 is often violated. we must really protect this nature, otherwise we will create our own doomsday.

thanks you for caring @vintageverve