“Had Thung Wua Laen”, a beautiful and peaceful beach in Chumporn province, in the South of Thailand

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“Had Thung Wua Laen” is a beautiful and peaceful beach in Chumporn province, in the South of Thailand.

Had means beach

Thung means field or yard

Wau means cow or bull

Laen means run (“Laen” is the Southern Thai language)

In the past, local people let their cows run along the beach which is very wide and long. That’s why they call this beach, “Had Thung Wua Laen”.

The statue of the huge black running cow describes well the beach's name. The statue is unique and looks outstanding with the beautiful sea view in the background.

Had Thung Wua Laen9.jpg

Not only the width and length, the beach has also soft and clean white sand. And it has crescent-shaped which makes the sea view look fascinating.

The sea has crystal clear water and it’s quite shallow which is great for swimming.

Had Thung Wua Laen5.jpg

Had Thung Wua Laen1.jpg

Nature always amazes us and creates excellent arts.

Had Thung Wua Laen3.jpg

Had Thung Wua Laen2.jpg

Had Thung Wua Laen4.jpg

Had Thung Wua Laen6.jpg

There are many coconut trees along the beach. They make the beach look more wonderful and make it shady to the beach as well.

Had Thung Wua Laen10.jpg

Had Thung Wua Laen11.jpg

Had Thung Wua Laen12.jpg

The mountain that you see in the far distance in the first and below photo is called, “Khao Pho Bea”. It’s situated in the south of the “Had Thung Wua Laen”. There are many rocks at the beach and in the sea, so it’s good for a shallow dive at the foothill.

Had Thung Wua Laen7.jpg

Apart from its beauty, another thing that makes “Had Thung Wua Laen” much more attractive and impressive is its serenity and tranquility. So, you can certainly fully experience the beauty of nature for the whole day.

Had Thung Wua Laen8.jpg

Ah! All of these beauties make “Had Thung Wua Laen” well-known among Thai Southern people.

If you are a nature lover, like me, you would love “Had Thung Wua Laen”, for sure.


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@tipu! Thank you very much for the curation. ;)

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Many thanks! I'm so glad that you like the place. ;)

What beautiful beaches friend, thank you for sharing.

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like the beach. ;)

The sand and the water looks very clean, that way if you can enjoy a beach. Good Photos.

Thanks a lot! Yeah! The sand and the water is very clean indeed. If you visit there, you can enjoy the beach for hours. ;)

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