Zen Mode! Our FIRST EVER Spa Experience at a Natural Hot Springs in Mexico

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Until now, we thought that spas were something only rich people could do. Neither of us had ever been to one in the United States. So when some friends we were visiting in Ajijic told us about a thermal mountain spa that was only about $25 USD, we were totally on board! An all-natural and low-cost spa? Yes, please!

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"Spa Termal Tlalocan" at Lake Chapala

There are a few packages to choose from, but we went with the "deluxe" since it was only a few pesos more. With this bundle, we got to experience six different spa baths:

  1. Apple cider vinegar,
  2. A medley of flowers,
  3. Coffee grounds,
  4. Chocolate,
  5. A cooling clear-water bath, and
  6. The oh-so-fun Mexican mud experience/bath.

Between each thermal tub, we took a "shower" in this interesting walkway of water. (It's not shooting water in this picture.)


Once we washed off all the mud in the last thermal bath, we could explore the steamy saunas and botanical inhalers.


Finally, we tried out reflexology walk at our leisure. The rocks felt a little uncomfortable at first, but as we slowly walked along, we started to feel the beneficial effects...we think.


Watch the full video below to see what a natural hot springs spa in Mexico is like.

We use this action cam to shoot our videos.

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Is it alright traveling around Mexico without speaking Spanish?

We know some Spanish but not nearly as much as we'd like to. There are still times when communication is a struggle though.

There are a lot of people who travel around Mexico knowing little to no Spanish, so it is possible.

wow looks like a tremendous experience to say the least!! I don't know how I feel about the 'apple cider vinegar' one, but I know damn well I woulda dove in head first to that chocolate one lol

nonetheless, $25 USD is way cheaper than a shitty 45 min massage here in the states hahaha

kinda jelllllly of this.... maybe i'll make a special trip to mexico just for this--- or at least to practice mi espanol :))


The ACV one seemed like it might be weird or smelly but it was hardly noticeable at all. We might not have been able to guess what the spa was filled with if there wasn't a sign explaining it. The chocolate one on the other hand smelled AMAZE-BALLS! Seriously it was all we could do not to eat the bowl of chocolate that was supposed to go on our faces! Haha

And the $25 we spent here was damn sure better than most hum-ho (usually Groupon) massages in the US, you're totally right about that. You should definitely make a trip down here! This spa alone would make it worth it. And the tacos and Spanish practice are just icing on the chocolate (spa) cake! ;)

Wow!. What a treat!. I've never had spa before, but I totally love the natural blend to this one. This is amazing and I am sure, refreshing.
Your expressions during the mud one hahahaha. Definitely, once it gets dry, it will stiffened you. Glad you did this and for such a bargain too. The $25 is per person, right?. That's about 9,000 naira here. It's really cool. Well done guys. This was needed.

It was like having five years of stress just go POOF! Gone. We were thankful for the experience. You're right, it was much needed after the stresses of traveling, carrying luggage all over the place, and lots of driving.

Yep, just $25 per person. A must-do experience if you come to Mexico!

I am dreaming of it already. I have to take having this serious right now too. This is really good. Glad you feel better. I hope you discover other interesting places soon. Well done.

Its quite obvious that you really had a good time in mexico, I would really love to have that amazing experience someday.

Thanks for watching and commenting :) Hope you get to experience it one day!

I like :D hehehe ....Mmmmmmm chocolate (in homers voice).

Best wishes always!

It took every bit of willpower we had not to eat the chocolate we rubbed on our face. It smelled amaaazing!

I've done a travel trivia post about Flavored Spas in Japan a few months ago. I'm glad I was able to see a your real-life experience with those spas!

When I see companies such as these that take advantage of their surroundings, I wonder how folks in my country can learn from them. You will be surprised to learn that although there are a lot of natural wonders in Nigeria, we are not accustomed to appreciating them. By the way, how did you resist the urge to not eat the chocolate? LOL

It took everything we had not to eat it! It smelled so good!

There's something about nature that puts the body and stresses of life at ease, even if it's something as simple as taking a hike in nature. That's an interesting tidbit that things like this aren't really appreciated in Nigeria. I wonder why that is?

Hola los amigos,

Looks fun and good for your skin. Was that a real chocolate in the bath?
Such a cheap price for the fun.

Yes, it was real chocolate. It wasn't pure chocolate, though. There was a lot of water mixed in with it but it still had a very strong chocolate smell!

Did you taste the chocolate? kidding.

Hahaha no, but we were very tempted to taste what we were putting on our face. That was pure chocolate and it smelled amazing!

Wow, I first thought it was a statue I had to go back to see the picture again. What does it really do to the skin.

It made our skin feel so soft! I'm not sure my skin has ever been so soft as when we left the spa.

This is wonderful, and has lots of pleasure

Ah this is cool! never seen this before!

It was so great!

Wow this is so coool !

It was pretty cool! Thanks for watching and commenting :)