Cost of Food, Beach Adventures, and Who DOESN'T Try To Sell You Drugs, Mazatlán, Mexico - Part 2 (VIDEO)

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After spending a few more days here, we go into more detail on how much food costs in Mazatlan, Mexico, the strange places we are being offered drugs, and our fun game at the beach.

Watch the full video below.

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The shenanigans continue in Mazalán, Mexico (our favorite city in Mexico thus far).

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Coming to your blog has become part of my daily routine. I am absolutely in love with your little family (Laska included). To anyone reading this, I recommend @wadepaterson’s post on tangerine travels. I just read it right now and it gave me an insight into what motivated you to make this huge change in your life. I honestly wish I am that brave.

Ah @oncebey60, that really made our day! It's wonderful comments like this that motivate us to share our journey.

And @wadepaterson did such a brilliant job on our interview. We are still so honored he featured TangerineTravels.

If there's any piece of advice we can share it's to just go for it! It might seem scary, but you'll wish you did it later if you don't. We only have one life, so we gotta try to squeeze every last drop out of it! :)

You two are so cute...and Laska too, but I didn't see her in this video. I guess she doesn't drink margaritas at 10 am? ;-)
Glad you are having fun. Jealous of the delicious food and drink. Definitely stay vigilant with your bags. Even here I'm always clutching mine like there are thieves lurking everywhere!

Thank you :) It's always so nice to see your comments!

We're not going to let Laska steal the show every time ;)

Yes! The whole thing about the bags isn't something that's unique to Mexico. Pretty much anywhere we've been that's heavily concentrated with people, even in the US, we're watching our things like a hawk!

I see what you mean about Laska - she is quite charismatic :-)

Enjoyed the video guys 🍹👙🍉 looks like lots of fun...beaches look Amazing...luv the healthy snacks too..yummy!

Hey @mrsbeetroo! Thank you for watching and commenting! We're happy that you enjoyed it. Mazatlán does have an awesome beach :)

Nice you post
Amazing travel
Good luck

Hey @shifaadi! Thanks for checking out our vlog :)