Are There Budget-Friendly Rentals in Mazatlán, Mexico? Video Tour of a $25/night Airbnb in the "Golden Zone"

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Easily our favorite place we've stayed in Mexico, Mazatlán is truly a treasure on the Pacific Coast. Before arriving, we weren't entirely sure if it would be an affordable place to spend time since it's a known tourist destination. After a few weeks in this delightful city, we were pleasantly surprised at how reasonably priced the food, services, and transportation are. If you're curious, read more on the 2018 cost of living in Mazatlán here.

Why We Choose To Be Budget Conscious and Economical

You're probably familiar with our TangerineTravels story at this point. Part of our adventure was making the decision—the terrifying decision—to leave our jobs with steady incomes (gulp!) to travel through Mexico and share our experiences to benefit others. That means this isn't just a nonstop vacation with lavish meals and beachside resorts. We need to be as deliberate as possible in every financial decision we make until our YouTube videos (subscribe, amigo!) and Steemit posts can support our basic needs. For those reasons, we are choosing Airbnb rentals instead of hotels to keep costs low.

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And finally, after overwhelmingly positive feedback on how helpful the tours of our Airbnb rentals are, we decided to continue showing you guys what your money can get you in each city we visit.


If there's anything you would like to see or learn that we didn't cover, please share in the comments! We're always looking to provide more useful and relevant details that you guys want. Don't be shy! :)

The Cost of Lodging in Mazatlán, Mexico

We found a lovely house in what's called the Golden Zone of Mazatlán, Mexico.

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 8.21.23 PM.png

After a weekly discount, we were able to rent one room in this two-story house for about $25/night after fees. This price includes:

  • Towels, washcloths, water bottles, and other essentials;
  • A shared bathroom;
  • A private patio attached to our bedroom;
  • Lots of closet space, including hangers and a suitcase holder;
  • Freedom to use the kitchen, dining area, living room, and other common areas;
  • Access to her purified drinking water; and
  • The ability to use her washer/dryer as needed.

We also got to park our car safely in LeAn's driveway. The only negative thing that happened to it was the friendly neighborhood dog, Bimbo, marked his territory on the daily. Le sigh. Worse things, right?

Watch the full video tour below.

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Airbnb really helps to save money on trips which one can use for other things!

Yeah, Airbnb is significantly cheaper than staying at nearby hotels.

Great and interesting post. It's always good to read about affordable options to stay in various places. Thank you :-)

Thanks, @leurbanexplorer. To my surprise, the video tours of the places we're staying are some peoples' favorite videos of ours. Even if they're never going to visit a place, many peeps find it interesting to see how far their money will go for them in various places.

Looks so awesome! thanks for sharing! i will start following your exciting posts! Checkout my posts as well

Excellent post
Thank you for sharing

I didn't realize Mazatlan had reopened for tourists. Good to know! Looks like you had fun, and that's a really good deal for getting a place to stay... even with the neighbor's dog.

Yeah, there was a lot of tourism there in addition to tons of US and Canadian expats/retirees! The neighbor's dog (Bimbo) was pretty cool, he'd escort us as we were walking to and from the neighborhood. He'd come out of nowhere to find you and walk alongside you. Thankfully, he'd only pee on things that don't move :)


Good post! That house is lovely indeed. I guess I can't argue with that.

Thanks! It was a gorgeous place. Being just a short walk to the ocean may have been the best part.


very nice video

Thanks for watching and commenting!


a very nice place to visit, if I have a chance to visit there

It was, we liked Mazatlán very much. We're still in search of a place that we love even more though.

excelente post y excelentes y bellisimos lugares esos que has fotografiado, te felicito

Gracias! Nos gusto mucho Mazatlán. El paisaje es espactacular!

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I am impressed by your article Op,the resort is ok,the environment is catchy,sometimes its a necessity to just go on vacation.
Its really a hard decision to quite a job especially when you are so cool with the earnings.
Over to budgeting,my thought,to be able to invest and cub extravagant spending, then is so important we make a budget.but $25 per night...I reserve my comments.

One's perception can change everything when it comes to price. The popular resorts in Mazatlán (where all of the tourists stay) cost anywhere between $65-$350 per night. Considering we were paying $1,500 per month or $50 per night to live where we were living before quitting our careers and coming to Mexico, $25 seems pretty reasonable to us.

On the other hand, if someone is paying $25 for an entire month's rent, then $25 per night will likely seem absurdly high to them.

beautiful <3

the airbnb looks quite good, hostels in other places often do have a double room as well which are in a lower price range. cool article :D