Travel with me #102 : The Land of Legends in Belek, Antalya!

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Dear Steemit friends :


In my recent travels to Turkey, I had the pleasure of visiting one of it's newest concept resorts called the Land of Legends. Located in Belek, Antalya, Land of Legends offers tourists a completely different kind of experience to the rest of Turkey's historical offerings. It is a modern resort combining three different attractions into one : A themed hotel, a water park and shopping complex. Considering it's diverse offering, the Land of Legends could turn out to be the killer attraction to re-invigorate the stagnating tourist industry in Turkey.

Although Turkey is becoming a prime destination for Chinese tourists, I was surprised to find no travel blogs about Land of Legends by Chinese bloggers. In most other historical sites in Turkey, the Chinese crowd often eclipses that of any other, after-all, one in five people in the world are Chinese. At the Land of Legends, the Chinese demographic is surprisingly sparse. I'll take this opportunity to step up as the first Chinese blogger to blog about this place, and hopefully give all my Chinese travel friends a good idea of what to expect.


The Land of Legends is a collaboration between Rixos and Dragone Productions. Rixos is a local success story with their hotel chain expanding to much of Europe, growing a very strong reputation. The Land of Legends is one of their newest hotels and was opened to the public in July 2016.

My first impression of the park is how large it is, the shopping avenue extends for several kilometers, along side the avenue, there is a small artificial river hosting the daily musical gondola parade show. Standing out at the end of the river, is the signature castle building resembling the Cinderella Castle(s) at Disney.

Like the Cinderella Castle, it is substantially taller than it's neighbouring buildings and consists of many pointy sub towers. I don't think the castle towers are accessible, but you can go inside the ground level. Unlike the Cinderella Castle at Disney which is a more Gothic style of architecture, the castle at Land of Legends has a more localised Turkish flair which is the dominant style throughout the resort.

Throughout the resort, we can find elements of Greek and Roman influence, from the style of the buildings, to the statues and stone carvings. Historically, both the Greek and Roman empires have ruled Turkey, and thus the Legends as referred to by the resort name echoes the importance of these eras. An example of the Greek influence is the Hoplite soldier stone carving on the side of the wall.

At night time, the resort turns into a dreamland with all of the buildings illuminating themselves with strategically placed lights. I actually preferred the night time ambience, not only is it cooler making for a comfortable evening stroll, the orange glow of the street lamps and towers emphasise the designs of the buildings in ways you wouldn't see during day time. It's much more romantic as a result!

These are some pictures of the main building. This is where the hotel part of the resort is, and so it is also where you'll find the hotel facilities like the restaurants, health center, library, games room etc.

Can you recognise the statues? It is of course Julius Caesar, and the quadriga four horse chariot. Both famous Roman sculptures.

The main building is called Kingdom and with 400 luxury rooms, the name is very well suited to it's grand scale. From the outside, it is hard to tell just how large the building is, but from one end to the other, it is over 1 kilometer. All of the hotel amenities are in this building, this includes the main restaurant where breakfast and dinner are served, but also various lounges for gaming, reading, snacking among others.

The Rooms

Land of legends prides itself with it's consistent classical theme throughout the park, rooms included! Even outside the rooms, the entire hotel is decorated with Roman cartoons and physical Roman style ornaments. Since this is a family resort, the main demographic the hotel wants to appeal to is children, as such, the use of vibrant colours play well with the funny style cartoon Roman soldiers.

Inside, the room is more like a playground than somewhere to sleep. The wall papers have more of the Roman cartoons, and they are cleverly placed throughout the room to make the whole place come to live. Some are life size, whilst others are miniature cartoons circling around the top ledge of the room.

Even the furniture is consistent with the Roman theme. For instance, the table is like a part of a horse and carriage, and the room lamps are Roman style soldier helmets.

The standard rooms come with a balcony, and some view of the shopping avenue. There are of course upgrades available which range from deluxe rooms to the Kingdom suite depending on your needs.

The attention to detail makes the room a lot of fun, and even though I'm no longer a child, I felt like I lost a few years in age whilst inside the room. I tried to find all the different cartoons in the room and take a picture with them!

Each room also comes fitted with an LED TV and Playstation 4! Surely this is a kids dream!

A lot of the objects in the room come to life and in doing so, reveal their true utility!

Hello? Is that Julius Caesar? Are we ready to attack?

Depends on what my other general says!!

The main lobby is extremely spacious and also sports some very colourful decoration. Just behind the reception desk, you'll find a huge screen playing videos of various points of interest in the park. Above, you can see the famous hot air balloons of Capadoccia.

If it isn't already obvious, the hotel is catered for adolescents and therefore it has all of the fun and games you would come to expect kids to enjoy.

There is a library for those who like to tuck into some children's books, and then there's also the gaming cafe. You would probably expect a gaming cafe to have lots of computers, but this is quite literally a cafe with a big screen in the background and customers can play console games whilst enjoying a drink at the "bar".

What would a children's dream be without endless supplies of candy? The land of legends provides unlimited candy at various booths throughout the hotel, all for free. This is surely a nightmare in disguise for parents..

There is a mini village inside the the hotel. All these colourful houses are playhouses for the children.

Explore the hotel some more and you'll find a couple other interesting places worth visiting. First is the real life gaming area which has various types of board games and physical games for both the parents and children to play. If that isn't enough, there is also a dance area with a DJ playing at certain times during the day.

Those who feel guilty eating all the candy can go burn it off at the gym which is also inclusive of your stay. Strangely enough, I never saw anybody in there, so exercising must not have been on the top of people's minds.

Before we move on to the food, the obligatory visit from a local Turkish Cat!


Breakfast is included as part of your stay and is served buffet style in a large dining hall. There is no shortage of choice here, whether it's a traditional English breakfast, or an international style breakfast, there is something for everyone here and as an added bonus, it's all presented very nicely too.

Check out my video tour!

And that wraps up our first look at the new Land of Legends resort in Belek, Antalya, Turkey! I've always been a big fan of these kinds of hybrid resorts combining the hotel and theme park experience, so my expectations of the Land of Legends was very high. Not only is it the biggest water park in all of Europe, it's also the only one of it's kind. Sure, there are Disney's, Alton Towers and a host of many other theme parks, but how many integrate them with a water park in some of the nicest Mediterranean weather anywhere to be found?

Then, how many of them go to meticulous detail to preserve their branding and theme, even in the corners of every room?

The Land of Legends draws a lot of attention because is the answer to many of these questions, and then some. It's nearest competitor is Atlantis in the Bahamas, and luckily, I've had the opportunity to spend a lot of time there to properly compare them. In the next few posts about Land of Legends, I'll be sharing more the possible activities at the park and giving you a verdict on whether it is indeed better than Atlantis, or it could do with some improvement.

For now, I hope you enjoyed this post, and found it to be informative enough to help you decide if this is the kind of place you're looking to visit. At the same time, if you've already decided you're definitely going, you can now get a sneak peak and early look at what to expect!

Please upvote the post if you liked it, be sure to follow for more travel blogs, and leave a comment to let me know what you think!

我非常珍惜在外旅行的时光,在我看来,旅行给了心灵最美的一场邂逅,旅行会上瘾,能让我在全新的环境中接受挑战,发现自我。虽然路程很辛苦,却带给我无穷的快乐和幸福感,旅行最大的魅力,就是给了我无限的空间去放生想象力,去盼望与期待生命里一切的美好。在土耳其安塔利亚最后一段行程中,终于到了我最期盼的部分,那就是一起去探索欧洲最大的主题乐园——The Land of Legends传奇之地主题公园酒店。






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Waited you traveling post for a long time! The photo is nice today! Thanks!

sorry dear, next one will be sooner :)

"Hello? Is that Julius Caesar? Are we ready to attack?"

"Depends on what my other general says!!"

Is that your very clever reference to the Byzantine Generals' problem that was solved by bitcoin?
Oriental ladies can be so subtle :-)

onceuponatime, I was wondering who would be clever enough to get the reference ;)

I'm not so clever. I just put in a LOT of hours :-)

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I don't appreciate comment spam.

The rooms are colorful!


this are very cute photos on your lovely post @sweetsssj,

yes what a colorful room, and very awesome place..

how i wish that i will visit that place someday..

thanks for this wonderful and very awesome post..

for my lovely support, Your post is Upvoted and resteem @mrblu page..

take care always @sweetsssj until the next post..

Hope you can visit my page and see my awesome poems too.^_^

memorable trip....

I just loved travelling withyou through Turkey. you made it come alive. loved it @sweetsssj

thanks artywink! In the next few i'll also show you some more of the activities and foods at this place, hope you'll stay tuned for that! :)

Fantastic and impressive places those of the post that you enjoy that holiday friend greetings

lovely videos nice pics
this is actually fun


The whole place looks like a mix of disney world and las vegas! ( I'm sure other places too but I've been to these :) )

wow awesome
I wish I could travel like you and see all these amazing features
please i need your upvote

This is wrong its called spamming . kindly do not do it again
You could get flagged



Ur always dropping amazing content on steemit @Sweetsssj . Always upvoting your posts, because your traveling pics bright up my day! Keep on going sweetsssj best travel blog on steem!

bartcardi, thank you so much! such an encouraging comment, i'll definitely be posting as much as I can, and I'm glad that you take the time to read through and leave a comment!

i love your blog because it is very elaborate with lots of details. amazing pics! do you just travel alone? why not travel with your family as well?

thanks viralized, I actually always travel with friends or family, they just prefer not to be on camera!



Running the whole gamut must be quite an exciting experience; from the ruins of Old Turkey to this hybrid marvel that has made light-hearted a rich past and infusing it with the modern is something I have never seen done before.

I was particularly struck by the night images. To see the place lit up under the Mediterranean sky gave me some ideas of where I should go when I get to Turkey. The Roman paintings were wonderful also, and I must say your descriptions and the pictures complement each other. The people who came up with this idea were really thinking outside of the box. Hats off to them, and to you too for bringing us back to Turkey for a completely different view of that majestic place.

Much of what we get about many places tend to be so lop-sided and one dimensional. That you have taken the time to show us the many faces of so many places speaks to the wonder of this blog, and to your great efforts as a travel writer.

By the way, how much candy did you have? Haha.

As always, a great read.

Nicholas, thank you for this nice value adding comment. It's true, Turkey has such a heritage that even without this resort, there would be more than enough reason to visit it's historically significant lands. On the other hand, too much of a one trick pony can wear you out and I was glad that this stop was in the middle of my travels in Turkey, before venturing to another historical place. It was a really good balancing act and breather before more 'serious' travels.

In it's own right though, I was very impressed that such a place could be established there, and I have high hopes that others will follow suit.

(I didn't have dinner as a result of eating too much candy :P)

Thanks again Nicholas!

The one I like most about your blog is that every place you visit you explains it in great detail, and another delicious food never missed, Have a nice day in Turkey greeting from Aceh, Indonesia :) Oya, looking preety in yellow :)

thank you dilimunanzar, it's getting on quite some time ago that i visited this place now, so I better write down as much as possible before i forget!

My pleasure, Happy to Learn from your article in Blogger, Very informatif.. And I think that a good map to choice your article if want to Journey :)

Thank you very much for your kindness hopefully as well always and steem on forever, Have a nice Day :)

这些多彩的空间看着真是赏心悦目。“旅行最大的魅力,就是给了我无限的空间去放生想象力,去盼望与期待生命里一切的美好。” 强烈赞同!也是对旅行上瘾,一直在路上,停不下脚步。😃


Firstly, let me say without prejudice that you are gifted and favoured. Your pictures are off the hook...Clean, clear and sharp! I like the fact that you could sieze the opportunity of being the first Chinese blogger to explore the "Land of Legends", i think its a plus for you. Simply, it shows hard work, consistency and doggedness. You obviously know your onions. It will amaze you to know i travel with you on my device whenever you do. I'm still in the "Land of the Legend" anyway. Well done for carrying us along. Your works are as sweet as your name. Keep exploring!

happoculturation, thank you so much. I think over time, social media has evolved into a sort of hybrid place where both photos and writing "speak a thousand words" (in this case 1600). I'm really excited that perhaps as the Chinese population grow savvy to this part of Turkey, my blog might become quite the resource! For avid travellers and followers such as yourself, I'll always try to give you as much of the experience as I had first hand, this way it can be immersive enough for both information and entertainment value. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a nice comment!

wow, my friend! You captured some amazing color in these photos! Dreaming through life in vivid reality is a world you know well, and through your generosity and hard work make possible for us to sample the luxury of what the world has to offer those of us who will simply explore and follow your lead. Your stores mystify us with a passion that makes life worth while. This is one place that I did not know existed. It is definitely on my list to visit the next time I am in turkey. Keep up the great work, my friend and perhaps we will cross paths one day in our journeys.

Awesome travels and pictures. Thanks!

wow what a colourful photos... lovely


I was so happy to see this post.Because I'm from Turkey,İstanbul..I went to Antalya,Belek for vacation in summer vacation.You summarized it really good well.hopefully you will come to istanbul with a lot more people. If you have not seen Istanbul, you will miss a lot of things in this world.I offer to help you on your trip to istanbul. :))) Absolutely istanbul is a prime !! Don't forget it :)) @sweetsssj

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Dear @beyfendi and @sweetsssj Turkey is such a vast country that I promised last time I’d be back. Even in Istanbul, having spent most of my time on Sultanahmet, I couldn’t get to tour much on the Taksim or Asian side of the town. I missed the Antalya part with the tour bus diverting towards Konya and then cappadocia, I guess because it was in December. The eastern I heard is also fascinating and I especially like the geometric carpet design coming from that area.

Of course I also had obligatory visits from my cat friends.

I'm still very happy that you have been well travelled in Turkey. So much history is worth learning about there.

Hi beyfendi, I actually did visit Istanbul during my travels in Turkey, twice! It's such a lovely city (very large) and I intend to go back to visit one day, hopefully soon. You have a wonderfully rich country, it's history and culture are so well preserved.

You should definitely come to İstanbul.Especiall İstanbul,Şirinevler..history and magnificent structures to take you back to the past... I hope you will come ! :)) Big vote this post :))

i ll make trip to istanbul sooner you motivated me more and more ;)

Why have you flagged us??? @roccofalcone


[email protected] sweetsssj. You are a truly steemit superstar. Every time we had a gathering, your blog has been consistently mentioned as a gold standard for a successful blog.

I am a newbie and had read 4 of your travel stories so far. The Lantern and prawning at Taiwan, the endangered monkey in China and now you are in Turkey.

I wish to visit that place. My children would love the water park. Waiting for your verdict if it is better than Atlantis.

All the pictures taken are all so beautiful. Imagine if I can view it in person.
The Land of Legends in Belek, Antalya will definitely in my bucket list.

Thank you for sharing.

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Thank you for replying. I am overwhelmed by your response. That itself is a motivation for me. Thank you so much.
I understand the backlog.
I never wrote so much in my life as what I have done for the past couple of weeks. It really takes a lot of your time. The backlog is inevitable. The detail is so important so that your reader can feel how it felt to travel places you have gone.

Thank you for sharing.

always provide travel info traveling is very interesting for us waiting for the place where the destination addressed by @sweetsssj. always amazing and good travel continues to make an interesting post post.
Once in a while if there is time to visit Indonesia.

hi siabang, hopefully it's a resource if you decide to visit for yourself one day. That's my hope atleast! As for indonesia, i'm planning a visit this year so i hope the community will be happy to receive me when I come!

everybody is waiting for your posts including me, and it is not in vain, although I have never visited the place you visit, but your story takes me to that place, you really are a great figure, it is not wrong if everyone including me idolize you.
hopefully stay healthy always and long life.

ami92 thank you for the kind wishes, it's my pleasure and hope to see you more often!

wow it is very interesting news, I will try to meet directly though from a distance, because of course very difficult to close to you, you must be surrounded by people who really idolize you, I can not wait for your arrival. in my country .

wow, incredible places & beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing.

you're welcome skydragon, thanks for dropping by!

I didn't know Antalya was this beautiful!😮

hah well this is of course man made, but still very cool!

how many countrys do you visit so far? you are awesome :D

good question! Probably 20-30 I would say.. much more to come!

Wow this is incredible

Vibrant colors, awesome pictures and your video was very cute! You sure put a lot of time into your posts and deserve all the votes you get. Thanks for this great post and can't wait til your next one!

great usual

nice picutre

Again, great post. Very colorfull photos :D

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OMG, that place is so vividly colorful!
You are discovering a lot of hidden gems that i never knew existed. At first i thought it was Disneyland, but as i see more of the place, it looks like a exquisite designers haven! The structures, the designs are so impeccable and had a lot of Greco-Roman inspired forms, i love the wallpapers so much! :D Comic style Roman soldiers that will light up your day! Splendid! And i'm sure such an enjoyable travel you had there. :)


Always stay sweet, pretty and classy and I MISSED YOU A LOT! @sweetssj, have a blessed day! :)

(And maybe you could check out my short post, a new beginning, Steem Philppines - Makati! ^u^

yukimaru missed you too! I'm glad you enjoyed this one and i'm so glad to see you still active and well, i'll definitely drop by have a look!

Aww you are too sweet! <3
Oh yes i'm pretty much active, and i am also getting ready for my mini presentation of STEEMIT to my coworkers & friends here in Makati. Finally they are interested to sign up and join our awesome community! :)

And i am also waiting for you to drop by here in the Philippines!
Please come here soon @sweetsssj! ;)

Wow @sweetsssj ! The Land Of Legends Hotel and theme park is totally out of this world , I love it !! I all ready commented on my @karenmckersie account , but I had to to come back on my @momskitchen blog to also upvote and resteem to share all that yummy food with my foodie followers !! Plus I forgot to mention how much I loved your video tour , Fantastic as always ! Thanks again for sharing !! Steem On ! I recently posted my Steemit #popcontest update , its doing great so far all ready up to week #22 your support is much appreciated my friend thank you !!😍💕✌✌👍💕

thanks karen!! This is probably the only place that could live up to your incredibly colourful cartoons (which are amazing btw!) Thank you so much for looking at the video too, sometimes I feel like they don't get much love :(

Those are some amazing photos, feels like I am at the resort! Thanks for sharing your travel adventures with us, maybe one day I will have a chance to visit the Land of Legends too!

thanks sixbits, there are a few more bits about land of legends coming up, so stay tuned!

Wow! That is absolutely breath taking :)

thanks lpreap, I agree!


super colourful!

I love to read your article. very nice

thanks rosethiyada! :)

Hello, Miss Beautiful how are you. Loving in your yellow attire , you look so sweet. Cool Shades, what a great place this is. Thanks for bringing the best to us , awesome photography , Another master work, keep rocking , bye , love , take care ,☺💐

hi vikbuddy, thank you so much for the compliment! Keep rocking keep steeming!

@sweetsssj- Truly seems like a dream land my friend. Another great place in Turkey I have missed seeing during my visit. I will definitely visit some day.
I love the castle building - especially the way it looks at night. Cinderella's castle is the correct description.
The room colors are so vibrant - they will make any one's day very cheerful. The cartoon characters of roman soldiers, drawn in Asterix comic style are just too good. The photo of you holding a cup of tea for the King in the photo frame made me smile
You, in your stunning yellow dress, look even more vibrant than the rooms.
It must indeed be a magical and legendary experience with all the roman and Greek statues around, with a water park and lots of other activities.
I would not have even imagined such a place existed in Antalaya.

Thanks for this look at a wonderful resort. Upvoted full

Looks like I could have used a few days of rest in the Land of Legends after my taking the road less traveled. I request you to take a look at this funny blog when you get time. Also - you like cats so do take a look at my blog about Orphans which as cute lion cub pictures. I will eagerly await your comments and feedback. Thanks



vm2904, you are a well versed traveller, i'm very impressed. I would have thought that maybe you would miss out on this place because you're a mature adult haha, but maybe the opportunity will present itself with your children one day!

It's strange that Antalya can interlace this kind of modern resort with it's historical background, but they've done it, and it's a very good thing because more visitors who come for the resort will now learn the history and culture of Turkey as a by product.

I'll come have a look at your blogs now, thank you for the drop!

antalya is a nice place

every day nice post from You

thanks smarthamster72!

Wow @sweetsssj !! This place is over the top !! How do you find these places !?!? So playful and colorful + magical , its like being and staying inside of a Cartoon !! And WOW the food looks so delicious !! You must have really enjoyed your stay there in Turkey !! Thanks so much for sharing another awesome travel blog with us , I loved it as usual !! Steem On my friend !!🏰💕😍🏰✌🏰👍💕

What an amazing place @sweetsssj! We @travelingstories have been to Turkey, but we sure missed this place... Thanks for sharing and keep on Steeming! :)

thanks travelingstories, Turkey has sooo much to offer, i'm definitely going back for more as soon as possible!


Land of Legends is one of the great colorful places in turkey
i really like there
i live in Iran, turkey's neighbour
hey come to Iran
here, there are a lot of great ,historical , nature and amazing places to see
good luck with your trips
and thanks for sharing these great informations about great places in the world,, by the way I am waiting to read your compare here with Atlantis :)

i love your blog because it is very elaborate with lots of details. amazing pics! do you just travel alone? why not travel with your family as well?

Wow I didn't know hotels like that exists! That hotel room looks so fun to be in. It's like walking into a cartoon haha.

To my knowledge, there is the Atlantis resort in Bahamas, and this one! It is so much like walking into a cartoon, it's great!

nice!! cool video.

thanks dc!

wow amazing your post good travel. I hope us can travel together with you @sweetsssj

we would like to welcome you here on our next antalya visit.

good article

thanks enigma

Wao A colorful and very fun place. Looking at the photos I felt. As in a world of comics. I would love to know that place

it's succch a fun place to be, it's one place where i can feel like being a child and no one would laugh at me..

Very nice post @sweetsssj. That place looks absolutely magical. Thank yo for sharing it with us.

you're welcome dude-slick, enjoy!!

Waco very fantastic post! all pics likes colorful drawings not a images beautiful photo shot. Your all posts are very amazing and to get these pics are very careful to describe the words as every one with you
Thank you sharing your good traveling story with steemians
My upvote with you always

I love to travel as well but you make it looks fun!

You always look beautiful, you are as if a princess of all the luxuries you have. Nice post @sweetsssj

thanks misya-syakira! :)

very very cute Photographs Really!

This is the best post on Steemit. I gave you a vote now, ya heard?

Amazing post, Really so beautiful photos and images, great interesting post, thanks for sharing

you're welcome thedawn! :)

you r so beautiful

Wow, your blog post is so impressive. So much detail! I love all of the pictures. Thanks for sharing and for inspiring me.

You look cute as always @sweetsssj loved the post it's amazing.....a very well organised post you really enjoyed exploring .....loved all the images it's truly beautiful.....loved the bedroom it's great....thank you for sharing your amazing experience with us.

universalpro, exploring the world is my life passion, thank you for following my adventures!

I love following your posts @sweetsssj

Good post

thanks cryptobuzz!

@sweetsssj I love u.

thanks althaf, you're so sweet! :D

i want..!!!

nice job

Indeed Turkey is the land of Legends my dear

yes, very true! :)

Wow.. I never knew of such a wonderful tourist attraction in Turkey. Maybe someday I'll be able to go to the Land of Legends

It's very new, only opened up in summer of 2016 so not many people know about it yet!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Oh no wonder. I guess it's not that popular yet

Hello Dear mam @sweetsssj

Wonderful visit to

Turkish, The Land of Legends in Belek, Antalya!

Every time you share excellent blog regard #Antalya visit very beautiful snapshot of cartoon portrait , colour bed room, wall choking, delious foods and much more enjoyment. You live on chill that is very good. Here also very nice photo of

turkish cat

I m your needy follower @sweetsssj, who all time upvote and resteem ur blogs. Please support and encourage me on given ur upvote. I am very thankful to you this act of kindness.

Mam stay blessed and keep sharing

Absolutely beautiful @sweetsssj, you are!!

thank you dear!

I hope to embark on a very short stay vacation very make travel so good a thing to do..the photos are so awesome.keep making us so proud and thanks too for the love and support you give us.The rooms are beautiful of different walls colors. Turkey is a beautiful country .My sister went to germany for study and she stayed in turkey istanbul for more than two days.You are really a good travel blogger.You really write it in depth.You are looking beautiful.Food looks mouthwatering.Simply beautiful travels Jess thank you for sharing them with us and in such great [email protected]

my pleasure faizrasoolmirza, i hope it was useful to you, maybe you'll get the opportunity to visit with your sister one day as well, in which case i hope the post can be a resource to your research :)

Hi dear.. Nice shots and memorable details you shared.. They made this place quite interesting for tourists by using beautiful bright colours and themes.. Thanx for introducing new spot.. I am inspired and wonder how you are working so hard on steemit to grow it by adding valueable interesting content.. Can you please share some tips from your experience for me to be successful here on steemit?

Is the resort all inclusive or do you have to pay for drinks and meals?

only the breakfast is included, but you can pay in advance for the buffet dinner. You also have other restaurants available, i'll show you some of them in the next post.

thanks for your beautiful experiences..


Turkey. Everywhere is a different holiday area. As far as I understand from the photographs, you are quite pleased. :) It is really nice to have positive sharing about my country. I hope you travel all over the country and you will make us happy. :) @sweetsssj