Malta's famous landmark, the Azure Window has collapsed!

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A few days ago I was surprised and disappointed to read news of the Azure Window located on the Maltese Island of Gozo, collapsed due to heavy storms.

I was very lucky to have visited this natural landmark 2 years ago and I was really looking forward to re-visiting Malta and seeing it again. But it looks as though the "Azure Window" of old will be absent on my next visit.

Picture of me with the Azure Window in the distance.

Azure Window History

This beautiful structure was a result of natural erosion by the sea over the course of many hundreds of years. In recent decades, the window actually became wider as more erosion caused more and more pieces of rock to fall. Despite some efforts from the Maltese government to protect the landmark, it was all delaying the inevitable as nature eventually took it's course and on the 8th of March, the outer part of the window collapsed in full.

It's hard to believe that this natural landmark which was featured in countless films as well as being one of Malta's most visited attractions is no longer around! I feel like I was a part of history by seeing it before it was gone, and even getting a photo.

I guess attention will now turn to the lesser known limestone natural arch in Malta called Wied il-Mielaħ Window. Which is not too far from the Azure window. Incidentally, I didn't even know about this natural arch when I visited Malta last time. It seems we always discover new things in the event of tragedy.

Have you guys ever visited the Azure Window in Malta? Or, perhaps you've seen it in the famous Game of Thrones ?

I'd love to see pictures or your stories of your visit!







Geology has a tendency to do that...

Nature is amazing. Sorry Malta

It sure is! Through the same phenomenon that brought us the window in the first place, it has also taken it away. Nature always finds a balance!

Interesting. Never heard about the Azure Window. Even if I saw The Count of Monte Cristo movie a while ago. I guess I didn't pay attention in the film to this natural formation, probably thinking it was part of the set.

Here in Canada, people can still visit the Percé Rock in the Gaspesie region, which ''is one of the world's largest natural arches''.

That looks really beautiful. We have to enjoy these whilst we can!

Yes, I agree. Unfortunately, in 2015 there was another one that collapsed in Nova Scotia.

Oh no! Seems like these natural phenomena's are dwindling..

Absolutely gorgeous! you and the destination(Azure Window ;)
I would love to visit this place and I am as well sad to hear of this news :( I seen it in a couple movies but I can't seem to think of which [email protected] moment.
A definite resteem
Great p0st ;)

thanks tradz. I think most people would have seen it in Game of Thrones but it was also in The Clash of Titans and The Odyssey !

There you go! ;)

Sad to see it gone... I've never been there, but have seen photos in travel magazines. Fortunate for you you got to see it before it vanished!

Yeah, it's quite sad to see it go, I remember it was one of the highlights of my trip to Malta and I was so excited to see it before I arrived..

@sweetsssj well at least you've got to see it before mother nature took it away ..
you look very pretty on outfit - it must be all the red :)

thank you!! clearly the background is making up most of that prettiness though! It's hard to describe something like this happening which seemingly has little connection to me, but it feels like such a great loss at the same time..

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nice post

thanks abudar

other than here, where I can contact ? @sweetsssj
No account fecebook what ?

It sure does.. !

Thanks for informing the rest of us!

Lucky YOU captured the BEFORE and AFTER!

Excellent post as always @sweetsssj lady congratulations

thanks jlufer, nice to hear from you :D

hi @sweetssj i couldn't respond on that other post so i thought i would respond here to your comment about free market examples. Millions of voluntary exchanges (Free market activity) occurs every single day.... :)

I was thinking Windows Azure
LOL... Hopefully this is not some kind of foreshadowing.

Surely windows azure is a weak rip of azure window?

Oh yes, it most definitely is.
But, if the landmark they named it for collapsed, the OS may not be far behind.

Ooooh... is this an omen for Microsoft?
Hmm... not sure how many people understand this comment.

I know of Microsoft Azure, seems like a competitor to aws..

Yes, sort of. Azure, AWS and Google cloud kind of compete


The Old Man of the Mountain collapsed 14 years ago. Natural formations may seem permanent, but that permanence is always only an illusion.

Oh that's such a shame, I wasn't even aware of this ! Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

great view on that first one! bet malta would be an amazing place to explore :)

oh for sure! If you haven't been there then I have to insist that you put it high up on your list! There's just so much to see and do there, it's still one of the best places i've had the pleasure of visiting in the last few years. Loved it so much i'm already planning a trip back!

great post! too bad it was gone((

Thanks, yeah it is quite a shame, but nature must take it's course after all!

that is true!

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