Travel with Me #23 - Explore Beijing (3) 🕰🎈🏯【跟著Susan去旅行 #23 - 探索北京(3)!】

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Hi dear Steemians 🌹,


How's everything? Last time we paid a visit to the Beijing Drum Tower and watched an amazing performance🥁, were you impressed? :) This time let's visit the Tower opposite to the Drum Tower: the Beijing Bell Tower🔔 !! Wanna know what's special about this tower? Let's get started!! 🏯




Same as Drum Tower, the construction of Beijing's Bell Tower began during 1272 AD. Shortly after the construction was completed, a fire destroyed both the Drum and Bell Tower 🔥. The Bell Tower was rebuilt at the north end of the north-south central axis of the ancient capital Beijing in 1420 AD. The Bell Tower has double eaves and a hip and gable roof. It's an ancient building made of brick and stone masonry, covered with black glazed tiles and green glazed trim at the top.



The location of the Bell Tower:



In ancient China people divided the night into 5 Gengs. A Geng was an ancient time unit used to divide the night, every Geng marked a Shichen (anither time unit which is equivalent to 2 hours). The FIRST Geng came at dusk and was called "Xu (dog) Shi" (1900-2100), also known as the Ding Geng 🐶; the SECOND Geng, marking the time people settled down for sleep, was called "Hai (pig) Shi" (2100-2300)🐽; the THIRD Geng, Zi (rat) Shi, signaled the middle of the night (2300-100)🐭; the FOURTH Geng was called "Chou (ox) Shi" (100-300)🐂; and "Yin (tiger) Shi" (300-500), also known as "Liang Geng", was the FIFTH Geng🐯 and it marks the dawn of a new day. When the Ding Geng and Liang Geng were announced, the drum (from the Drum Tower) was to be beaten first 🥁, followed by the striking of the bell (from the Bell Tower)🔔. When the second, third and fourth Geng were announced, only the bell was struck. As the bell signalling the FIRST Geng struck, the gate of the city was closed and the traffic was stopped. This was called "Jingjie", which means "clearing the streets". 🚗



The Bell Tower is special in term of architectural features. The masonry and beam-free arched structure was adopted for fire prevention when the Bell Tower was rebuilt in the Qing Dynasty. The inner structure integrates Tianjing (parvis), track and the propagation of sound. The sound from the bell was made bolder and more vigorous through the resonance generated by the Tower's structure. This was a special technique often used in the large-scale buildings in ancient China.



It is said that the tool in golden colour (on the floor) was used specifically in Chinese Lunar New Year to strike the bell:



From the Tower we can see the Drum Tower:



After the visit I was thirsty. The old and famous ice lolly brand “The Old Central Street Ice Lolly” was the perfect solution!!



Finished reading, have you learnt more about the Beijing Bell Tower? I'm sure you liked it! ❤️ Both the Drum and Bell Tower were ancient and magnificent, so I'm sure you liked it :) Next time I'll share more of my experience in Beijing with you, cheers! 😆

haha,看到這裏,大家有沒有對北京鐘樓留下深刻的印象呢? 它和鼓樓一樣,既古老又莊重,你一定會喜歡它的:) 那麼,我今天就先寫到這吧:))下次,我還會向大家介紹更多在北京的點滴,希望大家喜歡!😆



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Thanks a lot! :)

Thanks a lot! :)

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