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RE: A Lovely Café : Otaku Manga Lounge♥

in #travel5 years ago

That's great you spent good time with your friends. If someone is surrounded by books then I am sure he can't get bored and if you have mangas around you and some other books if they are from philosophy and ficiton then man it is the perfect combination.
So nice of you that owner who offered you the drinks.
You know what was the best part? It is the access to free WIFI (If you know what I mean :p)


I think every books can teach a moral or make us question our existence, that's why I like to read a lot ^-^ And I see what you mean by the free Wifi being the best part ,':)

O really? I didn't know you also like to read books. I also love to read books and I feel like they are your best companion.
I have an app on my phone which gives you summary of a book everyday and I tend to read it before bed if I am not reading any other book that day.
Yes, you got that WiFi thingy :)

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